A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux


Iris works as a Purifier, a person who helps spirits move onto the afterlife. This is a story that hopefully has comedy, romance, and heart. At the very least, it will have a lot of puns and glasses jokes.


Iris: A gentle, awkward, and surprisingly brave girl who tries her best.

Rieffe: Iris' kind but detached childhood friend who always worries about her.

Lanneis: A strict and sarcastic person who glares and pushes up his glasses way too often.

Wynrou: A seemingly friendly guy who prefers to be easygoing nowadays despite being an awful person in the past.

Reqieu: Used to be Iris' teacher. Serious but gentle and low-key sarcastic.

Val: Always worries about Iris and has difficulty with being honest with feelings.

Septem: A serious, kind, and dutiful boy who likes flowers. He's kind of shy once you talk to him. Always polite.

Henri: The third glasses character of the game.

Warnings: violence/blood (no gore), some themes of death and suicide

This game is a straightforward visual novel, so there's no walkthrough necessary. It will be very obvious when a choice will affect the ending.

If there are any errors with the game, email me at batensan@gmail.com and I'll get to trying to solve it right away!

This game is currently in development! I'm trying for 2020 or 2021!

Update 3/2/2020: Updated most of the sprites in the demo and some GUI stuff



curiouscat (for questions

email: batensan@gmail.com

Install instructions

1. Download the zip file and extract the folder (drag and drop it to somewhere on your computer, for example).

2. Double click on the application Magical Otoge Iris to run the game. You might have to be running your computer as the administrator to run the game. Depending on your computer's settings, it might tell you that the game's files are malicious.


IrisDemoVersion-2.0-pc.zip 135 MB
IrisDemoVersion-2.0-mac.zip 117 MB

Development log


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I'm so excited for this game, I'll definitely buy it when it's released! I remember when I was like 15-16 I found your games and I absolutely fell in love with them. Your works made me want to make visual novels- and while it's not something that's happened yet, it's still always on the back of my mind. So thank you and good luck with the rest of the development!!


Ahh thank you so much!!! I'm hoping to be done with it sometime next year...! Or by some miracle, the end of this year...

Thank you for keeping my silly games in your mind so long! I hope you have fun making your own one day! ^o^


I'm really looking forward to this game! I am curious, though: Will it be free like the other Otoge games (Ciel and Anholly,) or will it be a paid game? Because I have thoroughly enjoyed both of the previous ones available on Itch, so they hold a special place in my heart, but I don't know if I'll be able to play if it's paid, which would be extremely disappointing. However, I understand if you are making it paid, as I can only imagine how much work it must take to make these games.

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Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed the demo! Yes this is basically my full time job now, so it along with almost all of my next games will be paid. The price range will be somewhere around 20 USD, though some future games will be cheaper because I don't want to make them as long as Iris.


Okay, thank you! I completely understand making it a paid game, and seeing as how well your other games did I’m sure Iris will do great! Hopefully I’ll be able to buy it then, because what I’ve played of it so far is great (and I really want to play Lanneis’ route, he’s my favorite among the characters in the demo). I’m looking forward to it, and can’t wait to see it come out! Best of luck! <3


i'm... so... EXCITED! 

i've played pretty much all your games and have been waiting for almost 2 years now! please take your time with this one, and pls take breaks when necessary!! i'm definitely buying this game when the full release is out... keep up the good work! :DD

Thank you so much!! T___T I'll try to get it done soon...!!!!!

It's just a demo, I know, but I want so much to play!! can't wait!! > < there's 3 megane guys too!!. 

I really love your games, I was thinking about "project ID", will you do a remake of it? I really like that game.

Ahaha wow, you've even played ID!! I have a lot of new things planned so probably not, but that game has a special place in my heart too :D

Hello batensan! I saw you updated iris demo with new sprites and all /o/ and I'm wondering, why I can't unlocked the gallery and extra menu even when I finished the whole demo? 

Hi! Both of them are under construction and don't really have relevant/important information anymore, so I decided to keep them locked until the real game!



( ͝סּ ͜ʖ͡סּ) All according to plan...


Your writing is as always, so fluffy and touching.. you always manage to pull off the delicate balance of sadly nostalgic yet wholesome and chirpy. 


HHRHHRGH Thank you so much, that really means a lot to me....!! T___T Because that's exactly what I'm trying to go for.....!!!


I am so READY for this game! ;-;


Thank you!! I'm writing it as we speak! ^o^ Thank you for waiting for me!!

waiting for wynrou 😆 hopefully he’s a romantic character 


He is, actually!! I hope I can write his route well!!! ^p^


omg, I love your games so much, I finished Ciel yesterday and started playing iris today, and is so good, your art style, the dialogues, the character, everything!!! I love you omg- :')))

Ah and- I still in the 1st chapter and I felled for Val when he cried, I love any time of crybaby, short or naive boy and I just want to know, will he be a route?:( I really hope so, I read some comments for what i see Henri is the side-route character and hA, I'm sorry for him but for the little bit I saw from the demo see him getting fluttered cuz he likes Iris and she is all like ":000?" Will be the best thing, even though I still loved him and want him to be a oficial route- I hope I can see the full game soon, keep with the good work!:D

(Sorry for my bad English)

I'm glad you liked both Ciel and Iris so far!! ^o^ Thanks for playing!!

For now, Val isn't intended on being a route, but will be a Best Friend route depending on what main route you're on. For now, Val is supposed to be a BFF route on Wynrou and Rieffe's routes. Each main route, you get the option for two different BFF routes, and you pick one!

I was thinking that if Iris' game does well enough (it'll be a paid game), I wanted to make a free update where there will be a couple of extra routes, including a Henri ending and Val ending, and others!!!

okay, thanks :0 I will surely buy it when its finished ;)

Any news on the finalization?

This game, honestly, it was a somewhat short demo and I already fell in love with almost every. single. character. I wonder if Septem will get a route too? He's kinda adorable. 

ALSO, poor Henri, his tsundere personality is rather cute, but someone has to be sacrificed for the sake of comedy.

Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! And yes, Septem will be a route (though you have to unlock him by playing Reqieu's route). The initial available routes will be Rieffe, Lanneis, Wynrou, Reqieu, and Septem!

any news on release? I’m for Wynrou 👀

I've been trying to work on it more dedicated recently! It's er, going to be a while though lol

If it helps, I'm almost finished writing Lanneis' route, and the entire script so far is at 102,000 words! Wheezes-

im looking forward to this game please do your best ! though just a question what about 'Anholly's game will it have a relation to this game ?(ಥ﹏ಥ)(ಥ﹏ಥ)

Thank you, I hope you like what's in store...!!

Anholly's game isn't really related to Iris! But there will be some references to her :) One of the characters will mention Anholly. Two people related to Anholly will appear, too!


I love the Magical Otoge games. The art is bright and airy and the dialogue is funny and heartfelt. Excited to see more about this one in the future! 


Nice game I really want to play full verison.Thank u for your eforts :) and Heroine's drawing is beatiful I fall in love with her can ı be a capture target?I don't my herione to be stolen :(

I really like your art in your games...its really pretty ^^

I wanted to play the game but it seems that it doesn't work on my Mac, is there any way to solve that problem?


It should be able to work on Mac! Did you make sure to extract the zip file before trying to play the game?

If it still doesn't work, take a screenshot of what you're clicking on when you're trying to run it and sent the picture to batensan@gmail.com. I'll try to help!

I can't play it on my Mac either :( the game just opens up and closes down right away! SOS!

(4 edits)

Hi ! I actually got some issues too and figured out how to make it work, but you'll have to use your terminal (which you can find in Applications -> Utilities)

The thing is, the application to launch the game is considered as a folder, this is how you have to proceed : go to the folder you put the folder in with the command "cd" (for example, cd Documents/"Magical Otoge Iris" beware, if there are spaces, you HAVE to write the "")
Then :

cd "Magical Otoge Iris.app"

cd Contents

cd MacOS

 ./"Magical Otoge Iris"

And the game should start ! But don't quit the terminal because it'll stop the game too

Here is a screen in case you need it (if you want to see the files inside the folders, you can use the command "ls", that's how i found the real ? application)

Have fun, I'm really enjoying the game, thank you a lot Batensan ! (By the way, if one day you want to translate your games in French so more people can play it, I'd be glad to help !)

!! Thank you so much for your help! I hope this works for the others who were having problems. I don't have a Mac so honestly I'm not sure what you did there loL... No one else has told me about a problem like this before either so I was wondering what was wrong (usually people just forget to extract the zip file).

Thanks again for your help and wow, even an offer to translate! We can always chat in a few months (hopefully not years, cough) when the game is actually done and see if you still want to! I've done translating before so I have an idea of how much work it is...!

Either way, take care! I'm glad you like the game so much!

Mac are not used this way usually, PrincessCatie's solution is way simpler XD

I'll wait don't worry (even for years), at least I will have the time to play all the games !

Thank you, take care too !


Thank you so much--I really appreciate it! I actually figured out an easier way to do it (just in case you want it) where you right click on the app, click "Show Package Contents", click on "Contents", click on "MacOS", and then click on the thing in that folder. I hope this helps anyone else who was struggling as well. :)


I played all the magical otoge games in 2 days in this one is by far my favorite. So excited for the full game, although the demo is already quite lengthy. I'm super curious about Rieffe and septum...and Wynrou and Requieu. Idk I love everyone don't make me choose. 

I love the demo. it was so good now i got another thing to be impatient about. iwas really hoping we were gonna get to see the sword spirts human form to. Im interested in him adn of course lenny to. The only thing i didnt like was how dense the main charecter was sometimes to dating like not even knowing what a couple was but other then that she was really cute and interesting. I'll defienlty buy the full game once it comes out.


This is not the full version, if I remember correctly, she will not be giving an estimate to when it is done. This is because they have a lot of in life situations that acquire more of her attention then the otome that she is working on. AN otome that she has mentioned to be a free game.
If you wish she does have other visual novels you could check out, they are a great read if I say so myself, and I do say so myself.


Is Septem a main character? I mean, is there a way to only target him speaking of romances, or is the game a common path with minor changes? Both ways are fine with me; just trying not to get too specific expectations. (Don't judge meeh~)

Septem will get a route! Though you'll have to unlock him by doing another character's route first.

Je vois je vois... I'll just have to find a game guide to unlock him quickly then. 


^^ Thank you for your answer! 

I can tell how how right now! You unlock Septem but playing Reqieu's route, who is available from the start ^o^

Got it. (Sorry Reqieu. Get ready boy.) 


Finished both of Magical Otoge Ciel and Anholly....They both made me cry like I lost someone (Referring to MOAnholly) and about to play the game! I'm already expecting some romance in this obviously....

Hope you enjoy the game!! :^)

Finished Magical Otome Ciel recently and LOVED IT! Just discovered there's mooore! eEEK!

Has this game not been released yet? I have been waiting for a year because that was my only choice, duh. But I am rather excited about its release, so excuse my impatience... ^.^

Hellow Bantensan!!! I really Love All the Magical otoge games of yours😆 *magical otoge ciel* was my favourite and I am Really looking forward to this game too! So, please tell me when it will be done?😄 because I can hardly wait😉

Wow I really loved the demo ! I think Wynrou is my favorite.. Okay no my favorite is Henri but is not an obtainable character :( Btw great work looking forward to the game.

Will Wynrou be an obtainable character? I really like him. A lot. Your game is beautiful, serious, funny, and really sweet. I love it so much!!! ....But, I love Wynrou more. 

Thank you! And yes, Wynrou will be obtainable. The current planned obtainable characters are Lanneis, Wynrou, Septem, Reqieu, and Rieffe (separate implied Vendetta ending too).


IT IS FRIGGIN' AWESOME!! I LOVE your works! Sorry for being SO impatient but, When will the full game be released?

I'm glad you liked it! At this point because of a lot of real-life problems I'm having, I'm really unsure when the game will be done :'D

I'll try my best to work more on it once my schooling is over in a month.

Good luck with real life!

Lots of Love!!!

I swear I'm going to start doing art commissions so I can pay for the full game!!!!

This is awesome!

I have yet to play your other games but I already know I will love them!

I absolutely adore this! I actually first came to know about you by randomly getting suggested MO Ciel, and I immediately fell for your games. I actually have yet to play Anholly buuuut that is about to happen in a few minutes so ^-^'

I love your art style and character designs and can't wait for the full game!

PS. Lanneis is my favorite too. Also cheers to Nia for being my wingman~


you get it.. like wing?

Birds and stuff?....


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I've played this demo a several times. You know, when it the full game comes out, I'm sure it will be worth it to spend some $$$.  Anyways, dudes in glasses *swoooon* The art is very beautiful and the story plot was just downright interesting. Say no more, I need some time alone to fangirl.

Btw, batensan I appreciate your hard-work and dedication to create some wonderful visual novels. And it is very PUNny.

(1 edit) (+1)

i'm so ready and i hope there are lots of puns like there were in ciel :^)

one of the most creative and best VN demos I've played! I'm so excited for this :)

This game is amazing and I can't wait for the full one! The art, characters and humor are wonderful. So far, I think I'm enjoying the plot of Iris even more than the other games and I absolutely loved the plots in the other games.

As for my favorite characters; I really love Henri and Reqieu. Lanneis is definitely my favorite character though... he is quite the spectacle.

The first thing I woke up to was your spectacle pun and I couldn't be happier.



GLASSES. [hahaha, Lanies and Henri haaaaaaaaaaa....]


Questiooooon - will you make an extended demo to see a portion of the polished game to those who can't afford the game [cough cough me] if it turns into commercial??


Lanies [idk how to spell it so let's call him Lanny like Nia] is so A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E!!! Kyaaa!!!

But ahh--- I want a route with Val and Rieffe !!!!


Val reminds me of Valteire, i dunno why tho, haha.


did the board [or older purifiers] say that Rieffe died because Vendetta took in his body??? Or--??? You'll probably put it in the game but GOSH I JUST WANT TO KNOWWWW ;-;

I think I left the demo off at a good part, so I probably won't add anything major to it when I update the demo for the game's release.

No spoilers before the game's release :^)

Covered from the cheerful characters, the humour, and its magnificent art style (although it sometime make me cringe for the same face structure to the male character; a bit difficult to differ them at first, but also glad that it gives slight feels of playing as androgynous MC ^^), .... 

I can sense it.

I just can sense (or is it just my sentimentality?) that the angst, years of misunderstood and lies; are awaiting in further plot..... and reminder for myself to prepare a ton of tissue, again (T^T)/


I really love your games and puns, Batensan-senpai~!

I'm sending love and support~

heart heart~ <3 <3










That was really lame and cheesy, but I hope it made you feel good

I really love the art and style and writing and everything

i can't wait :D

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i loved this so much and i'm really looking forward to the full version <3 this was amazing made me feel so many things <3 i really love it and i can't pick a favorite however i do hope there is a Wynrou and his brothers route >.< and course Rieffe i kinda ship Iris with Rieffe the most <3

When does the full version come out?

Desc: "The full game is currently in work, estimated to be released in 2018 or later."

So good!!! Cannot wait for it to come out!!!!!!

So good!!! Cannot wait for it to come out!!!!!!

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