Upcoming Auggie Route+Twitter

Hello! Just a bit of a heads up on some updates to MO

- The series is being renamed to Moon Observatory (I'll change the names of the games eventually/in the update)

- The next Iris update will have partial voice acting for pretty much all characters with a sprite!

- The next update will have the long-awaited Auggie route! Also, some GUI updates. I also want to add some more CGs into the other routes (prays that I have enough life energy)

- Moon Observatory has its own Twitter account separate from mine (so you're free from other fan art and memes)

Not sure how long it'll take to get this update out, but I'm hoping for sometime by August...

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this is amazing! 

please pace yourself and rmb to take care of your health along the way ヾ(•ω•`)o we will wait patiently for dear Auggie, haha ❤


ooo im excited to see the changes! thanks for the update <3 ~

That's so cool! Can't wait to see the changes!





Thank you all for your hard work!! Im really glad and excited about this news !! Im already sure that ıts amazing


Oh, this is so exciting! Thank you for updating us~^.^