Magical Otoge Iris Official Release Date!

Hi there! After five long years, I'm ready to release Magical Otoge Iris on my birthday, March 19, 2021! The game will be 20 USD with an optional art book PDF that will release at the same time.

I still have about a dozen or so CGs to finish, but I'll get them done by then no matter what! I also updated the demo to 2.5, which includes just a few more sprite variations. Besides that, everything is the same!

Thanks for sticking with me for so long! I'm super super super excited and happy with what I've made! See you soon, and stay safe!!!

- Baten the clown ( ; ω ; )

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Jan 29, 2021 151 MB
Jan 29, 2021

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Thank you for your hard work! And happy birthday batensan!! I'm excited to play this game, I'm sure it'll be awesome :D


I'm waiting on the edge of my seat <3


baten im eagerly awaiting my time to cry over this game


Ahhhh gosh I can't wait! I've been checking back regularly since I first discovered this demo 4 years ago! <3 I'm sure it will be wonderful and I am so excited! Thank you so much Batensan! <333

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im excited, i thought this game was dropped... your games are nostalgic to me since i remember playing them back then and really liking all them when i discovered the world of visual novels and otome games so im happy its finally getting it's full release...!


You're super talented, and I can't wait to play the full game!


Oh my god I'm so excited!! After playing the demo a few years ago, I've been waiting with bated breath for the full game to come out. Congratulations batensan- you should be proud!!


Hype train time !!! :D


I'm so excited for this!! I absolutely love your games :) keep up the good work  

I have to ask my parents for money for an otoge for the first time Q-Q worth it though!!! 


I'm so pumped this game is going to be great! can't wait till march comes!


ahhh im so excited!~ :'D


Thank you!!! T___T <3