Final Content Update

The Moon Observatory Iris update is out now! This is a FREE update if you already own the game.

Enjoy Auggie's route, a final sendoff to the MOI cast and voice acting to go with it. Thanks for the memories, MO Iris!!

🎨 gravitydusty

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Hi, sorry for the question, i wanted to play the update, but when i go to download the game again (on browser) i can't find any files? i just checked the page and only the art book is available to download.

This post says that the update is out already, am i missing something? :c

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This happened to me too (when I tried to access the downloads through my itch account)! So I went to my email account and pulled up the purchase confirmation email. When I clicked the link to "download your purchase," the game files were there. Also, it shows that the latest version of the game was updated ~13 minutes ago, so it may have just been temporarily unavailable.


Why, thank you! yes, i believe that was the problem.

I checked just now and the files are available to download again!

Thanks for your help, have a nice day/afternoon/night and happy gaming <3!!




This might be a silly question but I was wondering if this update will also be on steam, I played all the other games and I've been saving up to play it and was thinking of buying on steam


Definitely checking this game out, will be saving up for it ~