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This is the art book/development record to Moon Observatory Iris. The book is full of spoilers, so please read it only after beating the entire game!

✦ ~65 pages/spreads
✦ Profiles, concept art, extra sketches, and my thoughts on the characters
✦ Contains a coupon code for a possible hard copy in the future, so you won't lose anything by getting the PDF

Note: Does not include content from the game's free updates post-initial launch (ex. Auggie route, onward)

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✦ Email: batensan@gmail.com

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GenreVisual Novel
TagsArt Book, Dating Sim, Fantasy, otoge, Otome, otome-game, Ren'Py, Romance, shoujo


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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You might never see this, but you really made my childhood magical. I sent a email to you years ago when I played MO-Ciel, that was a very happy memory for me, I loved the games you create, the music, and art. I think back then and even now I fell in love with Batensan. I don’t really know how to put these feelings into words, but I’m happy to see your progress and I hope you’ve been doing well. Thank you for all the wonderful memories! I will cherish these memories from the start and until the end. I hope that Batensan’s life will continue to be more colorful and magical. Thank you for being here and thank you for all the precious memories, may all the wonderful things come to Batensan!

Sincerely, Syliva ( always your number one supporter <3 )


!!! I'M HERE!!! I read everything, thank you so much for the sweet message!! T__T

It was actually my goal with MO Ciel to make it a free game that anyone could play and enjoy some silly comedy/romance, as that's what I wanted when I was a kid (but good content was like a wasteland lol). I'm glad I could play a small part in having a positive impact <3

Thanks for keeping me and my work in your thoughts!! I'll make even better stuff, just you wait!!



I played Magical Otoge Ciel and Anholly both in 2017. I wrote a long review of Ciel in 2017. And almost 5 years later, I find out this now exists which is great because I loved Iris, it was also great, and I lose my mind and buy this immediately. No second thoughts. Fanboy brain activated.

Upon first skim, the spreads are gorgeous. The layout is clean. It's professional, tidy, and pretty. I'm so, sosososo happy. If someone likes the beautiful artwork and soft style and wants to throw more support in the direction of a great creator, I still throw them Magical Otoge games in the year of our lord 202X. 


Thank you so much! It was worth all the pain... and typos... cries

See you in the next MO!! <3

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I am back from the DEAD!

I was summoned by this game. Alas, I'm currently unemployed (it's been three years since I last played Ciel and Anholly oh gods), but I swear once I transfer my physical money to my paypal I WILL BUY THIS GAME. THIS I SWEAR!!

Again, won't be playing the demo because I promised to myself (years ago) that I'd buy this. WAIT FOR ME BATENSAN (QwQ)

You deserve to have more recognition and the money-


WAHH Thank you so much for the kind words!! T___T

Make sure to take care of yourself first, though!!! 🥺❤️

I'm really proud of Iris--I hope you enjoy it, too!!


Looks so thoughtfully put-together and professionally made!! Thank you for this, I will definitely get it after I've played the game!

Your art always gives me such a nice feeling when I look at it. In the first visual novel of yours which I played, Magical Otoge Anholly, at first sight of the art, I felt like I'd found something... Special? (Ugghhh, sounds so cheesy, I swear I'm not pretending or being fake T_T)

I played through the game and felt so damn happy by the end. That was a few years back, but I've redownloaded and replayed the game a few times, haha. I always remember it.

Your art always felt so special, because of the soft feeling it gave off? It was sort of... Elegant, as well? Anyway, it was unique and it completely drew me in.

Your games and art make me happy and feel like I've found something I am grateful for accidentally stumbling on. It would have been a shame if I hadn't accidentaly found your games, so good luck in your goals!

I hope you do as well as you possibly can in the future with whatever you may wish to come from these games, because they really are special and I hold them close to my heart.

Definitely good luck! Have all the good luck!! Haha. Really. I think what you have is wonderful. I hope you can really tell that you have my best wishes behind you.

Damn, now I wish I was a billionaire, so I could sponsor you T_T Ah, well. I hope my words count for something, if you see them, at least.

Again, good luck!! <3


T__T Waah, thank you so much for the supportive words!!!

There are a lot of times when I wonder if there's any point to me making these stories :'D So it means a lot to hear there are people who truly enjoy them!

I hope you have a great time with MO Iris! There are a few surprises in there that I think you'll really like! Take care!


Looks so beautiful <3