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I really love your games and puns, Batensan-senpai~!

I'm sending love and support~

heart heart~ <3 <3










That was really lame and cheesy, but I hope it made you feel good

I really love the art and style and writing and everything

i can't wait :D

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i loved this so much and i'm really looking forward to the full version <3 this was amazing made me feel so many things <3 i really love it and i can't pick a favorite however i do hope there is a Wynrou and his brothers route >.< and course Rieffe i kinda ship Iris with Rieffe the most <3

When does the full version come out?

Desc: "The full game is currently in work, estimated to be released in 2018 or later."

So good!!! Cannot wait for it to come out!!!!!!

So good!!! Cannot wait for it to come out!!!!!!

This visual novel was SOOOOO good! I couldn't stop playing it!! I loved the characters, the story, the world, the art, everything! And that ending!!! >~< I can't wait for the full release! <3

I want to pay for this because this is awesome! I love the humor and the art so much!

And right after I said that the .exe decides it wants to act like it doesn't want to start up. Nopenopenope not today. xddd

I love your taste in comedy and I've already cleared Anholly and 1/3 of Ciel. Can't wait to try this out! ( xd I got Ciel this past Saturday so I binged.)

Thank you very much! In response to your other comment, did this game's exe work in the end? If it doesn't, send me an email at and I'll try to see if I can figure out what's wrong!

I LOVE your games so much. My computers wallpaper is literally Ciel.

Ahhhh I wish I had money so I could donate ;n; I love your games and your art is amazing ahhhhh. I've had trouble opening this zip however? It says "Unable to expand "Magical Otoge Iris" into "Desktop". (Error 2 - No such file or directory) but I was able to open Magical Otoge Anholly though? Thank you in advance <3

I wish I could donate to you! I love your games lol. 2018... I'm going to collect $10 for this! Funny game though. The "hopeless tsundere", Henri, (lol) is possibly my favorite character. Awesome art.

Hi, I know I'm double commenting, but it occurred to me today to ask you: Is there any way I can help you besides donations? (I have no means to do so as I'm only 16 and have no credit card) I would love it if i could help you in any way for any of your games as they have brought me so much joy. If not, I understand if you prefer what you have now or feel as though you have the help you need already. Have a lovey new year! <3


Ahh thank you so much for your consideration! It already makes me really happy that someone's still thinking about my games after playing them. I can't really say that I have "all the help I need" because almost all of the work is done by myself, haha... ^p^ I think the only person who could really help me right now is someone who knows how to program in Ren'py/Python, but that's probably asking too much ^p^

Thanks for the offer, though! Knowing that people are looking forward to my work helps a lot in its own way!!

Well this comment can be a kind of late but I've been learning how to use the Ren'py(A kind of that I understand the system of how this programing works), I'm not so sure but maybe I can help on some little stuff If you still need help Batesan! I like your work so I would love to help you If I can. I hope you take this in mind :'D

Wow, thank you for the offer!! ^p^ If you're confident in your programming skills feel free to email me at! Ah and just so we're clear, I need a programmer who can make a new, specific function I want in the game, not just simple text entry. The script is a big secret until release, after all ^p^ Either way, thank you for your offer and desire to help!

Well, maybe I can help you, I knowsome stuff but it deppend on what can be what you want and if I'm going to be able to help you!

I guess I will need to email you to know more about the new specific funtion haha, I'm right?

Thank you! Sure, feel free to email me anytime! ^o^

Do you have a month and/or year for a release date estimation yet? I'm so excited!!! Your work is amazing and super funny without trying too hard. I can't say anything that hasn't been said, so just know you're doing great and I support you all the way!

Hmmm my current estimate is 2018+, but it's rather hard for me to gauge since it'll be a lot bigger than the other things I've made, I think... Hopefully sooner than later!

is there a full game at all or just a demo?

She's working on the full version right now!


Your games really are awesome. It's really a pleasure and I forget all my problems while reading your VNs. I mean, your work and art are amazing. I can't wait to play the game ! :)

Thanks a lot !

Thank you, I'm always happy to give people a good time!!!

Ahhhhh! <3 I just got finished playing all these games, I really like the art style and the word flow, very nice and good, thank you for taking all the time and hard work to make these!

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Oh my gosh, I'm so happy I discovered this demo and played it! I have to go play your other games now too, but I'm still reeling over how much I loved this one! ^^ I think I need to play it at least 5 more times...Is there a way I can help this come out faster? :'D Please tell me if there's anything I can do!! (I'm so sorry if I sound impatient, I just loved it so much and I want to support you however possible!!)

My favorites characters (and characters I hope will have routes in the full game) are Rieffe, Wynrou, and most of all Lanneis!! (You really captured the soul of the megane!) I also really loved the part with Reqieu and Lanneis snarkily talking to each other. And Iris is so adorable and kind and I really enjoyed playing as her. :) Honestly, I loved all of the characters, but the three I mentioned are the ones I adored the most!

The art and music for the game are absolutely lovely and suit it so well! I love your art-style so much, and everything was absolutely stunning. I was also overjoyed with how well you write characters and how well everything flowed. It was very engaging right from the beginning and by the end it was impossible to put down! I was also very pleased with the length, it felt so long and full for just a demo. I'm curious, how long do you expect the full game to be?

Overall, you are amazing and I am so appreciative that this exists. Thank you so much for this demo, and I can't wait for the full game!

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Thank you, you're too kind!! Your support is more than enough to make me want to finish the game faster! ^o^ However, it's a ton of work for one person to do, so unfortunately it will take a while...I'm not sure how long the full game will be, but it will definitely be over 10 hours. When the full game is finished, I'll be sure to mention the total word count and estimated game time!

too many tsunderes omg not that i hate it or anything

I really want Lanneis and sad dad I caN'T WAIT

I can already see myself completing every possible route in like 2 days LMAOO, I want it asap, I CANT PICK FAVORITRIEIS. I def want my sad dad route


I MADE THSI ACCOUNT JUST SO I COULD COMMENT THIS LOOKS SO GOOD BUT PUHLEEEEAAAASE dont do this to me..... i will cry endlessly if you dont make henri a serious character hes so fucking cute just please,,,,, and if ANYBODY ELESE WANTS HENRI TO BE A ROUTE STAND WITH ME RIGHT NOW SO WE CAN GET THIS CHILD A ROUTE PLEASE! btw i love your work and yvin was my goals in magical otoge ciel

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Also sad dad is daddy af plz make him a route he a fine thang

Sad Dad Reqieu is definitely getting a route!

Haha, oh, Henri :^)

i , really, hope, you, consider, giving, henri, a, route, im, not, kidding, around, here, seriously, please, consider, it,

I can at least confirm that Henri has a very sweet, heart-to-heart side-route... A route that leaves you thirsting for more Henri :^)

will u ever quench that thirst for Henri ???? 😫😫😫😫

ooooooooooo another conquest here!!! Man i love your work!! i hope to play this soon !!! wow!! cant wait! Thanks!!


i have played every magical otoge game in the past 48 hours and i am desperate for more. you are amazing and your art is amazing and your story is amazing and i love all the characters and i already love wynrou and he is very precious. i might cry tears of joy when i see a new update to anything magical otoge. thank you for such beautiful games. they are the best out of any visual novels i have played before


Wow, thank you for such high praise! ^p^ The full version of MO Iris won't disappoint you, I swear!!!

Batensan i've been stalking you :^)

by the way nice story and art as always!!!! i will always be looking forward and waiting for your next game~~~

THIS GAME IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.I cant wait to play the full version and thx for making this game everything about it was sooo refreshing.(PLZ MAKE ROUTES TO ALL THE BOYZ IM IN LOVE WITH THEM)

Será que poderiam fazer a versão português?

Não agora, talvez no futuro se eu tiver os fundos para contratar um tradutor.

Eu eu eu \õ/ Free *-*

hahaha Love Otoge series <3

Deleted 2 years ago

I'd also love to help~


This is so cute!!!! I really enjoyed the funny bits like when Wynrou was going "I'm gonna give you a man!" and the Iris "I don't need no man."

I really like Rieffe, Vendetta... all of themmm allll of them man. HOPEFULLY ROUTES ON ALL OF THEM MEN.

And one of the selections about Wynrou gave me awakening flashbacks cause Emmeryn... I actually haven't gone past this selection 'cause, man are you throwing an Emmeryn???!!!! So stressed. guhgugh.



It's not available on Windows so I can't play it.. I'm crying on the inside..

It's available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. I use a Windows computer.

Yeah, I just tried downloading it off the website. I was using the program but it wasn't allowing me to download it... for some reason.. but it's okay now. I can finally play the demo!

There's another one!!! Ah i love your games so much!!

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I feel like crying. Just. Let me sit on the floor, curl up into a ball, and cry. I just can't wait for 2018 to come. This game is 100% pure amazement to me.

Though I've only played this and Magical Otoge Ciel, this game is probably the best.

(Totally not copying Ashylan with this list)

(Spoilers? Yeah, definitely)

  • I got the Magical Otoge Ciel reference (You said there were two, I didn't catch the other) where the bride ran off with the "redhead".
  • After the chat with Lanneis about guys, I partly expect somewhere in the future that Lanneis is going to just say "I can't control myself" and get slam dunked.
  • i mean like, I think Henri should have a route, but like, in other people's routes he would be hilarious because he isn't going to be with Iris.
  • Wait, so Lanneis' glasses are a part of him? So taking it off and forgetting to put them back on would result in him just becoming a stick?
  • I. LOVE. Nia. How she just teases the crap out of Lanneis and Iris is just so oblivious. And Lanneis reminds me of Florien when he coughs.
  • Please tell me it's not going to suddenly be drop-dead sad after the first chapter. I love your jokes and puns.

Now, about that cliff hanger. I dunno, it kind of gave sad vibes. Especially with that music, and how the, uh, narrator was taking about how everything would change depending on your choice. Well, it wasn't much of a choice, it was either save Wynrou or get a game over. And how the picture of Wynrou and Iris suddenly appeared. It kind of looked like it was an image of Iris when she was younger, which confused me because it said that no one but Rieffe (or Val) was there during her childhood. I couldn't help but feel sad for Wynrou, like, he wishes to die so badly, but he still wants to protect Iris. And DON'T YOU DARE PLAY THAT OPTIMISTIC MUSIC RIGHT AFTER THAT SAD, SAD CLIFFHANGER. YOU BETTER BE SORRY, *cries*, *curls into a ball* *sit in corner* *thinks about life choices*.

Anyways. Here's a list of the characters from favorite to least favorite.

  1. Lanneis (No surprise here)
  2. Wynrou ( Q.Q )
  3. Henri
  4. Nia
  5. Iris (But she's a good protagonist ;) )
  6. Augustia (Even though she cut off Iris' arm)
  7. Val
  8. Reqieu
  9. Septem (Didn't get much screentime, so sorry, pal)

Lanneis, no doubt, is getting a route. But the 2 people who I definitely think should get a route is Wynrou and Henri. Maybe Sad Dad? Idk, I think it's be weird because he was her teacher.

(P.s., Sorry for the long post)

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I'm glad you enjoyed the game so far so much! As for the picture of Wynrou and a younger Iris, if you replay the entire demo with that scene and Wynrou's motives towards Iris in mind, I think you'll be able to piece together a part of their past and what I was hinting at :-)

And don't worry, there will be a ton of more lighthearted and funny moments in the rest of the game!

Haha don't worry, I don't mind if you copy my idea, I honestly think that more people should do it. Btw I love Lanny and Henri too, Lanny definitely should get a rout and I am begging Baten to give a real rout to Henri too! It would be perfect because when you're on their routs they would always be at each others throats.

P.S. I'm also waiting for Lanny to get "Slam dunked" lol


You broke my heart when you said the full game is going to be released 2018 or later. *cries* Ehehe. Anyway, I'm always excited for your games! Thank you for your existence! :)

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I just love all your otoges ^^

When the full version does come out

I'm going to buy it

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Warning there may be spoilers for those who haven't read the story yet!

I swear to God you are my favorite person Baten!

Reasons why this game is awesome:

(I know it's a lot but i thought you might be interested to see what we, or at least what I think as I go through the game. sorry it's so much.)

  • First of all I found the fact that she would just randomly fall over hilarious only because I just imagined her walking around minding her own business and then all of a sudden she just face plants into the ground.
  • Secondly, I immediately felt bad for this poor child with no friends or family who just accepted that she was nobody special and that no one cared about her.
  • Next on my "This game is Awesome" list of reasons is the goddamn first choice XD like seriously I don't think I've ever seen the "Ask him out choice" worded quite like that. I can't stop laughing at it "Hurry up and ask this husband-material man on a date." the only thing that makes it better is the fact the other option says "Say goodbye like a normal person."
  • Also, I thought that putting Reqieu's name pronunciation in the dialogue was honestly really smart, not many people think to do that.

The list continues as I play the game.....(I'm only on the first choice right now haha)

(Chose the normal option lol)

  • Henri: hated him at first, realized he actually cares, laughed cause he's a tsundere.....oh and What was that Henri? Something about dreams? (Henri is the best so far lol) "I SAID I THOUGHT OF A PUN!" nice save there Henri, real smooth. 10 Points for Henri
  • What kind of con artist's has Vendetta run into???
  • aaaaaaand now I have a moody lance.....It's exactly what every hero needs!!!! 5 Points Lanneis

(And third choice....seriously though just take off your glasses...)

So far it's really interesting. I've really missed the music you use, it all just so calming. Wynrou is interesting and fun to learn more about, and Lanneis is pretty cool. I like how he's just like "whatever i don't care" but deep down he really does care at least a little bit. I have some theories about Vendetta but I won't say anything for the sake of others but I'm curious to see if I'm right. Anyway back to the game!

Just wanna say, I would love to have "Died while distracted with talking to a magic lance." on my tomb stone. oblivious.....AS ALL HELL!

Back to the list: (Why is 100 years old an option lol)

  • Nia is awesome!
  • Dear God that was a horrible pick-up line XD -3 points for myself haha
  • Best option so far....whelp time to find out what this "innuendo" is haha
  • Dear Lord she actually called her teacher! I love this game so much XD
  • Lanneis is THE best teacher EVER! I will slam dunk all the idiots in to the trash can! 10 Points for Lanny!!!
  • Lanneis: Stubborn, reserved, secretly a sweetheart, and will murder for you......Lanny is winning right now
  • Jealous of other weapons.....yep he's definitely winning
  • And the battle between Henri and Lanny begins! This is going to be an amazing game!!!!
  • Henri gets 5 more points for calling me fine by accident lol

(Just finished chapter one)

This game already seems amazing and I'm excited to see the rest. If you couldn't tell already my favorites so far are Henri and Lanny, I love that Lanny gets so jealous so quickly and how much he opens up after only a few days. Nia really got to him didn't she lol. Henri is just plain adorable and it's fun watching him get flustered is a lot of fun.

I've been trying to figure out the connection, if any at all, to the previous games and the one that will be coming in the future though I'm probably just looking too hard for something that probably isn't there. And I still have my suspicions about Vendetta......though my theory may have changed a bit thanks to the whole sword/spirit thing.....hmmm.....

(Anyway moving on to chapter 2)

  • 5 points Lanny for almost buying flowers
  • I like that you added a Save him and get pissed off at Lanny option. it's basically saying "Not only will you probably die, but you'll die angry too!"
  • *Gasp* I messed up! Though I like how you told the reader that there was a better option and that I could actually do something about what was happening. Really creative and unique. I like it.

What.....just.....happened? arm.....that was the true ending of the demo? I.....I hate that you apologized because I can't get mad at you now for ending the demo like that GAH!!!

Anyway, it was really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly from start to finish. I'm really excited for the next update and eventually the finished version. I hope you enjoyed reading my reactions to certain parts of the game and I assure you they are all genuine. I always enjoy reading your work and I always look forward to see what you come up with next. I'm a huge fan and you are a truly amazing person Baten, from your terribly funny jokes and your cruel plot twists, all the way to your amazing characters and heart-wrenching scenes. You're creative, fun, and I can tell that you put a lot of hard work and love into all of your projects.

Anyway, see you around keep making people smile, laugh, cry, and above all never stop writing.


P.S. PLEASE DEAR LORD MAKE HENRI A PLAYABLE ROUT!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW IT WOULD BE FUNNY IF HE WASN'T BUT I THINK IT COULD BE FUNNIER IF HE WAS! like seriously, Iris is already hella oblivious, his rout would be like him trying so hard to get her to realize he likes her while he acts like he doesn't like her. He'd be his own obstacle, IT WOULD BE HILARIOUS!!! Please just consider it.....please.....for me.....your like number one fan (more realistically number two considering anyone important in your life would automatically be number one)..........please..........okay bye!

Thank you so much! I had a blast reading this! If I remember correctly, in the demo there are 1 or 2 jokes related to Ciel's game. I'm really glad you enjoyed my work so much, and thank you for taking the time to write me such a sweet message!

Haha, Henri :-)

I'm glad someone is going crazy for him, as intended, heheh!

You're welcome, I'm glad you enjoyed reading my message and I'll have to go back and look for those Ciel jokes.

Henri is pretty awesome haha!

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You took the words right out of my mouth, XD my favorite characters are Henri and Lanny. Baten i'm your number 3 fan! lol


Lanny is definitely top favorite in this one and Henri is a very close far. I've literally been warring over the two of them, and I love how they fight with each other for Iris' affections and she's oblivious as all hell.

I love the design of this game so damn much. I wasnt expecting a new game so soon, I am so happy! I didnt played it yet, but I already know that this series are awsome. Good job Baten! :)

omg baten-senpai i screamed when i saw this, brb i'll plaayy~

i am so moved... even from the start <3 /sniffs/

Ahhhh! I have been waiting so long for an update in this series! I can't wait to play it!!!!!

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