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I just started playing but i'm already in love with Lanneis lol so i'm excited to explore the rest of the game! (just a quick fyi in the scene where the spirit and iris are having hot chocolate theres a message error something like "")

I hope you enjoy it!! Thanks for letting me know about the bug but I couldn't find it myself searching up "sm.mp3" 😭If you happen upon it again, please feel free to attach it here or email me so I can take a look!

I went back in and I had a save file when it appears so I was able to find it hopefully this helps! 😅

Thank you so much!!! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


Recently replayed because of the update and now I'm getting the urge to replay all your other games as well! I love the world you've created and built off with this series and every new installment sucks me back in again. Your writing is always the exact sort of warm fuzzy thing to take my mind off the real world for a while even through the angsty emotional roller-coaster plots. The humour especially never disappoints and with the voice acting it makes the delivery even better. Lanneis' line about getting a divorce took out my kneecaps because I wasn't expecting it, the comedic timing was great. Also gotta say, its so cool flipping through the art book and seeing how much your work has improved. Your style of colouring is so light and atmospheric!

I wasn't expecting there to be just so much more added with the extra route but wow! It really fleshed out a lot more with the side characters, so rip I'm yearning for Februum now, was not expecting that lol!

All in all, excellent work as always and I will be eagerly cheering you on for your future projects!!


🥺 Thank you so much...!! It was a lot of work but I'm glad there are people out there who enjoyed it...! T___T

Hehe I'm working on my next project (a light novel) The Doll Witch as we speak!! 👀 I honestly think the story is even better than MOI, so I'm really excited to show it off hopefully next year!!

Thank you for spending your precious time on my stuff...!! T__T

Sorry if this is a little annoying but how do you get all of Rieffe's cgs? I've gotten all of them except what seems to be the very first one. If it's a bad ending cg then never mind (I don't have the heart to play bad ending). BTW absolutely love the game! Just did Rieffe's route and absolutely loved it to bits!! I hope that these games get the love they absolutely deserve!

Thank you! That CG is in Lanneis' route and not anything bad :D


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Just replaying the game with the latest update.

(yes, it's been a while, haha... ha...... so sorry it took so long T_T I've never forgotten about your game, I swear, it's far too memorable for that)

I'd like to mention something... I'm not sure if this is because I've played through the whole thing BEFORE the update, but now when I open the game, the locked route (it's locked when I have to pick between love interests, so that's all working good) shows up when looking in the gallery. As in, the locked love interest's name appears, even while locked, on the right of the gallery, to select which character's photos I want to look at. Now, this might just be me, but I thought to mention it to you just in case... it IS a spoiler, after all, and you might have wanted that to be revealed later than just any newbie coming in and looking to see how many CGs they will be wanting to unlock.

Anyway, I still love your game! I open it up and the music, mixed with your unique art style combine to create such a unique feeling... it's really quite something, and I think now that I'm back, I can finally tell how much I've missed it. Thank you for creating it.

Edit: I'm a fucking moron. Septem's route is literally on this page. I'm so sorry. I just remember not expecting him to be the last route, first time I played, so I got confused. Please ignore me.

T__T I'm glad that got cleared up! And thank you for playing, I'm really happy that you enjoyed my work!! 💗💗💗


I've been enjoying all of it!!Thank YOU for making it! I only know one other person whose art and ideas get me so excited, and it's mainly because I'm biased and have known them irl for a long time haha.

😭😭😭 You're too kind!!

I'm cooking up a novel/Youtube project (The Doll Witch) that'll be ready sometime next year! I hope you enjoy that one too; I think it's a step up from my work so far!!


omg the updates are neat!! everything is so cute and I forgot there's partial voicing now T_T <33 I like what you did to your store page all the items are much clearer to view now! I have a Shuiren print ....muah ❤

been saving the update to play through when I have free time. aaaa will come edit this later so it's not spammy

Thank you so much for your support!!! I hope you enjoy the update! :D

And I'll have to remember to come back and check later to see your thoughts!! 👀 Or you can comment again in a new post, no worries!


I love this so much! It's been a while, and the atmosphere of the game is like diving back into an idyllic fairytale dreamland. I really missed this, I was trying to finish at least a third run before commenting. Each run has something special and extra in it, thank you very much!

I remember blinking back tears at Februum's conversation with Odovacer, before the autoplay led me Wynrou's "I~ri~s!" scene. (my tears dried up like 😐 kjefjvjvnknv) Man. This story makes tosses and turns with my emotions

the humour never disappoints!! Kann and Fionn moments were one of my fav aspects, where Fionn interacts with Februum is simply gold AHAHA

I won't lie, Auggie route got me simping for Februum and Enmei OTL ik I'm supposed to be loyal I knowwwww. anyways, that scene. I'm putting all the magicians in group therapy T_T

now that we have partial voice acting, I should replay the main routes too :D

the lore is amazing om nom nom - otsukare!


Welcome back!! T__T I'm glad you liked it so much!!

NGL I was midkey/highkey trying to make the reader fall for Februum in Auggie's route too... HEHEH! Since it's probably the game's last update, I wanted Febby to shine since we won't be seeing him again until much later.... T___T

Thank you so much for playing! 🥺💗


Will there ever be a release for other character routes in the future?? I loved Jupiter, Wynrou, and Fiuheim so much 🤧💔


Hello hello, thank you so much for loving my boys! (ಥ﹏ಥ)
I'd love to revisit MOI somehow in the future but sadly there isn't much public interest, so I'll be focusing on other projects for the foreseeable future 😭...

I already miss the MOI cast though!! I always suffer when creating the content but now that I'm "done" I'm like, "I miss them, I want to go back :(((" LOOL


Waaah please do keep on going !! I'd really love to see more of this world and its characters 🤧 I really do enjoy seeing the depth of their personalities, lore, and backstories,, 

Hoping to see them again because my heart yearns for them 🙏❣️

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so hard to be a wynrou enjoyer here, he's kind of right there yet out of reach


I'm back for the update... I was not disappointed. The voices are lovely, and the newly introduced characters are delightful (yes even when they are trying to kill us cough cough)

The new sprites?? The CGs??? They're so beautiful. Looking through the gallery I can really see the MASSIVE improvement. Extra shoutout to Iris's..? New? Sprite? (I think it's new but I might just be going senile... am I?) but it's so cute. 

I was TERRIFIED during that section in Auggie's route. Terrified. (Looking was a bad idea for someone as faint of heart as me but I was so curious and now I can't sleep) Oro is still cute though, and cuteness is forgiveness so it's okay. I'm okay totally not traumatized ha ha ha

My heart has been. Healed and then shattered and then healed again. And the lore. THE LORE I desperately need to know more


WAAA TYSM 😭😭😭 Yeah Iris went from 2 to 3 sprites, you aren't insane (yet)!! 😆

I'm glad that THAT part in Auggie's route was scary hehehe since I'm the one making it, I couldn't tell if it was or not LOL

I'm so glad you enjoyed the lore too 😭🙏 One day we'll return to August...!!! 


i’m back again :D so happy to revisit this game! Auggie’s route was nothing short of adorable- i haven’t quite exhausted all the dialogue but i’ve gone through his route a couple times and i adore it, very sweet with the expected angst dribbled in as needed (poor Oro ;;;)

Auggie’s route really felt like the icing on the cake- he brought in tons more lore and some fluff! i’m a sucker for angst but it’s nice to have something to cool down with after the true ending,,, also, the voice acting is gorgeous! beautiful casting honestly

thank you, once again, for making this game


I'm glad you liked it!! T__T I'm glad you felt for Oro even though he's objectively awful LOL ❤️ Which was totally my intention--


oh my goodness i remember playing these years ago...i can't afford to get it right now, but I will in the future! Just wanted to say I'm very excited to see this come to fruition after being a fan of the games when I was younger :)


Thanks so much! Yeah it's been like... 7-8 years since the first one came out!? T__T Time flies!

Thanks for keeping MO in your memories, and I hope you'll enjoy the newer games. I've grown a lot as a creator, too!!

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hi I recently just played your other games I really enjoyed them  I saw some good reviews on your games on steam so I checked this out :0 I downloaded the demo cus I'm not able to buy the official game but ill be able to buy it one day but I'm sure the demo will be just as good, you're a great game dev and I wish you the best of luck also I heard that there is voice acting which makes me even more excited to get the official game anyways that's all I have to say xx (:

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I played Anholly about 3 years ago and really liked it. I moved to play Ceil and loved it as well and i saw you had a demo for this game. I loved it so much I ended up buying the game as soon as it came out but I had a bit of a crisis in my life happened around the same time so I put off playing this game. About a week ago I decided why the heck not and I opened the game for the first time and I've been playing it every night since. I don't really have a lot of time to play games anymore while doing full-time School and work but I'm really enjoying this game so much. I'm currently on Septem's route. Ive already played the other three routes and I've done all the friendship routes except for Kann which im doing rn. So far my favorite romantic route is Reqieu and my favorite friendship Juniper. I love the world building in this game so much and I cant wait to see how the stories you are planning play out. 


T__T Thanks so much for sticking with MO and using your precious time to read it!!

I'm scrambling to finish Auggie's route as we speak, so I hope you'll look forward to that as well :D

Best of luck with school and work!!


Ofc!!! And Thank you  also have a happy Holidays!!!!


Man it's been 6 months and i've come back to decide to play the game again!! (or at least after sending this message haha), but i've seen some of your posts on twt and i'm really excited for auggies route!!! and learning that theres voice acting is really cool, so i absolutely cant wait! I'm pretty ecstatic about the news, so i'll be looking forward to your works :D, in the meantime I'll be focusing on school and things like that, so if i happen to see the updates very late, I'd like to apologize in advance :'), I tend to like arriving early than anything, but enough of that, once again I hope you have a wonderous year!!

WAAA HEYA AGAIN!!! Thanks so much sdfhsg omg let me finish everything first before you replay it, I'm embarrassed LOOL

Gluck with school, no worries the game will always be here!!! I'm trying to aim for before the year ends. I'm nearly finished but implementing all the VA stuff will make things take longer than usual T__T Take care!!


HAHAHA HEYY, also its alright man i enjoy your game a lot, and yep i can understand why it'd take long, but i'll be waiting!!! You better take care of yourself too >:D


Hi batensan! I loved the game and can't wait for Auggie's route, but is there somewhere we can purchase or listen to the soundtrack? There is a specific song I'm after, the one that plays during all the epic moments but I don't even know its name. I'd love to be able to listen to it whenever!

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Hiya, I'm so glad you liked it! Hopefully Auggie's route will be done soon...! ^_T

The audio files should be easily accessible! If you want to save one, just remember to copy+paste instead of dragging it out, or else you'll get an error when the game can't find the file anymore :D

Open the Iris folder > game > audio > (music files)

The one you're thinking of might be called "Final Battle" or "Awakening" (to be renamed in the update).


Well that was easy, thank you!! Yeah, turns out I meant Awakening. Maybe it's just a Pavlovian response because so many of the scenes where this song plays really moved me, but I love it nonetheless!

I actually wanted to link other people to it (there was a discussion on Reddit about favorite songs from otome games and this was my first thought) but I notice there's no artist information on the file, I don't suppose you could tell me who made it?


Glad you got it! That song will be the theme of February (and like I mentioned, renamed aptly later lol).

The composer's name is Cryset!


Thank you for the quick response! Wishing you luck with the rest of Auggie's route, don't work too hard ❤

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This comment is preeeeetty long comment so ıf you hate reading long commends ..Im sorry ı also didnt think that ı would write such an HUGE  comment but since ı loved game ı wanted tos hare my every single thoughts… ;w; well ı thought that ıf ı should keep this comment to myfels but ..ı still wanted to post it so here we go:



Hellooo actually this is my first rewiev themed commend sooo ım kinda nervous..hehe 

Firstly ı actually managed to get the game thanks to the discount but ı didnt want to write a comment immediately because ı wanted to play the game first then write my thoughts in it.. so Happy past birthday and happy past anniversary!! 


soo before talking about the game ı wanna also write few things about your games so here we go:  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The first game ı played was of course Magical Otoge Ciel  and well firstly ı thought ıt was very much normal otome game which ıt wasn't.

normally when ı play otome games ı usually like one or two character, play their routes , then stop playing because well... to me some characters can be just too annoying to deal with. So ı was actually searching for a some otome/romantic visual novel with good story.or at least good story flow without game trying to create some ''romance between the characters'' unnecessarily every moment and the moment ı found Magical Otoge Ciel and starte to play it out of cruosity. when characters named Florien and Yvin (ı chose florien’s route first ^^;)  said '' indecent'' ı truly got a huge smile on my face ..ı mean this ı would never think about about seeing this Word in a otome game… ıt felt like ı really found good game this time and ı was really happy. After finishing the game in 2-3 days ı started to follow you to see ıf you ever create another games and well ı didnt know that these game was actually kinda start and well ım so happy about it either.. for now ıt seems like ı finished all of your games and well ım really greatful that ı managed to see your games and play them .. they were all so great and ı hope ı will play more of your games in the future (ı hope ı can buy them either haha ;w;) I really hope that you will create more amazing games and get famous! well to me your games and the stroies have soo many potential instead of some other. Hope everything will go fine !


and before ending this part of comment thank you for your great game ı was actually losing my hope about it and thought that ı would never find a game story like ı hope but you clearly proved me that ım wrong. Your game was a perfect experience for me and ım sure that ı will even remember it over years..because ıt deserves to be loved and remembered.



so about the game ıf there is someone who wanna buy it but unsure about the stroy and the characters let me explain it a little ı will put a spoiler alert ıf ı go deeper ofc

so ıf you wanna play Magical otoge Irıs and havent played Magical otoge Ciel or Magical Otoge Anholly you should firstly play Otoge Ciel and Magical Otoge Anholly before Otoge iris.. because even though they seem not they are kinda related well ıts actually obvious because of their names but yeah :D 

so many save files ..ıdk ıf you see it as plus fact but ı do (ı was at 80th page last time ı checked)

Magical otoge Iris's world is completely like a fantasy novel 

in this novel people can born with magical powers or recieve magical powers ...sometimes

there is also magicians live in these world in order to protect humanity and creating to peace and balance depend on the rules

If you are looking for spicy or hot type of otome game…or are you looking for romance stuff instead of a good story this game may not be good match for you(ı mean ıts romantic but the way you want it probably but still ıf you want my advice play it)

Story is pretty creative and also funny! Its rare to see such an combo in otome games

If you like anime style or pastel colours then you will agree with me that this games GG’s are amazing

Musics are sooo goooooodd !!!

Unlike cheap story characters these characters has actually pretty deep personalities ıf you look at them closer.. which means they are all worth for your attention

Even ıt doesnt effect the gamet here is actually choices for you to select for main characters acts and this is pretty cool actually!! Game warns you when choice is importat for the game so you can make your own choice combos in the game without worrying except the important ones (welp ıts not like you cant return so feel free!)

If you like strong female leads then ım sure you will love this game’s main character Iris!

THERE İS NOT ONLY ROMANCE ROUTE BUT BEST FRİENDS ROUTE THAT YOU CAN SELECT YOUR BEST FRİEEEND! (this is something ı actually really wanted to be happen and ım so happy that my dream came true)



Main character Iris : Iris is kind of a girl who is kind and cheerfull to everyone but she has also her own special character which makes her different from usual otome main characters (ım talking about the ones that too naive) oh and ı should mention that she is pretty strong and brave one.Though she always smiles sometimes ı feel like she was actually hiding her actual feelings behing it. To be honest even she looks and act like naive girl sometimes ı feel like she has alot more  depth  than ı usually saw in otome games and maybe also darker character(ım not sure about it but ı feel like ıts true either).


as for the other characters:


                                                     HUGEEEE SPOİLER ALEEERRRTTT!!

(ı did this part because ım actually kind of person who doesnt mind to getting spoilers (big or small) about the game and ı actually even search for it so ıf there is anyone like me then you can read here..though there is some huge spoilers in it.. sorry ı did my best )


Small note: ı usually talked about the characters depends on the happy endings and true ending because well…. I havent finished the bad endings yet haha ;w; ım not mentally ready for it..yet but ı promise ı will!!

Small note 2: I talked about the characters…uhh in the way what ı think fort the stuff under this note has alot personal thoughts..ıf you are not thinking the same. Please share your thoughts with me ım willing to listen!


Rieffe (romance route): a kind and good childhood friend who is actually keeping some secret from main character which is quiet dangerous one actually .he does his best to keep his distance from Iris for to not hurt her because of the secret he hides. I really like how calm and gentle he is besides I also really felt sad for him in toher routes because how much he cares for main character. I wish ı could have some chilhood friend like him either haha but ım not like Iris either ;w;

Lanneis (Romance route): a perfect lance boy who is willing to slam dunk the garbages for you. His route was actually pretty enjoyable for me. I really liked how caring character he is and all he wants is Iris’s happiness also he is just a perfect housekeeper !! he just does anythinngg cooking, dishes, well cleaning (oof ı was sorry for him about it for that event though) and he can be a perfect asisstant either. Absolutely best  lance you could ever have :D even though he looks strict and cold he is pretty sensitive actually.(at least ıt felt like it to me)

Reqieu (Romance route): The way his route’s story flow was most unpredictable to me and welp ıt was also  interesting. His ending was a bittersweet though but ı still liked it afterall not all happy endings are good for everyone .. still ıt quiet saddened me either :’). Also ıt would be unfair without thanking to Morgen here. She truly the savivor of the route. Sometimes he really gives me a dad vibes though ( NOT THE BAD ONE!!)

Septem (Romance Route): Polite flower boi. One of the young magicians. If ı have to be honest he was my favorite character from the start. If you ask what now? Well ı still love him alot but oh boi ı never excepted some parts about him which suprised me alot but ıt isnt like ı didnt like it either. The moment ı realized he is pretty interesting character actually ı trully loved the route. though ım bit sad about true ending ;w; ı kinda expected it but…eh .I also like how Sepia and Septem looks like siblings instead of teacher and the student :D ıts just so cute .

wynrou(magician) : when ı first saw him ı thought he was woman :D so when ı learned he was a man ..ı was kinda suprised but welp ıt didnt matter so much to me because ı would still like him no matter which gender he is. he is one of my favorite characters (ı actually have so many favorite characters in this game lol) ı really like how sweet character he is.. even though he was usually a jerk in his past..ı still like him though he is just so kind the main character and trying to protect her no matter what unfortunalety..he doesnt have any route. Also can someone send him to therapist? I think he really needs it

Vendetta(magician): kind but weird guy.Needs therapist 2. welp ı actually like him alot either but his acts can be ehh weird ? though sometimes his comments for the situations in game was hilarious. I pretty much like him though that ı sad about how his apperiance time is not so long (ı mean to me)

Sepia (magician): she is kind and hardworking magician…or should say she was ? still ıts sos ad that how she slowly fell into despair because of her unending work and pain.

Jupiter(Magician): Cold looking magician who is having hard time to communicate. Though he can look scary he pretty soft one. I also loved how sincere he is and how he doesnt be pushy.

Juniper (Magician): one of the young magicians. He is one of the most unique character is my eyes.. well probably because of he is the only one who acts pretty childish but also wary of his surroundings. Has a strong sense of justice..and well he is not very ok with humans

Augustia (Magician): Kind, strong, mostly calm, always reliable for her allies. Though you should be careful to not make her your enemy(well since the main character is Iris you dont have to worry about it ) She really gives me dependable big sis vibes.

Februum(Magician?): Sir please calm down  Im sorry for what is happening to environment either. In past he tried to get along with humans but the way he chose to get closer to them was…very wrong. Now everything alot different. I mean probably ı dont have any right say it but can anyone make him see some Psychologist?

Val (Familiar of magician): He was taking care of Iris since her childhood and wynrou’s familiar. Pretty sensitive and sweet one. He takes care of many work in the town so he mostly busy ( unfortunalety) . as ı said in the wynrou ı wish val could have a friendship route because ıt feels sad that we dont see him much except in the main story.

Auggie (Familiar of magician): Augustia’s familiar. Unlike her he is alot more aggresive type and well he is also pretty determined one when ıt comes to sake of Augustia or something she wants him to do. Tsundere 2 ı suppose. I really like him either.

Henri (friendship route): kind, strong but %100 tsundere boy. welp ı really liked him either.. to be honest ı was suprised that when ı saw he didnt get any romance route because his love and struggles for Iris was the way too obvious that ı kinda felt bad for him. he may be my favorite tsundere so far in otomes :3. also ı hope you can do it ''Henry''

Mikhail(friendship route): when ı first saw him ı thought he is pretty hardworking and kind man.. ı mean ı was half true..but despite that ı liked him pretty much either he was clearly a unique character to me and ı really liked him either. ı hope other players think same as ı do :D.

 Kann (friendship route): SHE İS SO PRETTTYYY in many ways ! she is beatiful , kind,  strong, cheerfull, creavite and well ok ı got carried on but really ı truly loved her and ı was so happy that she was main characters friend ! 

Morgen: Morgen is best! to be honest ıf she wasnt there for helping Reqieu ı feel like he would mess up alot also her will power is like ..woow she truly ona  different level. She is best prince ever.

Faust: a prisoner. Even moment ı met him he seemed pretty creepy to me.

Lobelia: kind and strong girl. Even though her past life was terrible ım happy that she got a happy ending.

Fiuheim: a shadow boy. He is wishing a happy life for Iris and tries his every best either even that means he will get hurt in the end. He is one of my favorite characters too! I wish we could be able to see him even more but unfortunalety we cant ;w;

Viimetra: A modern life pinocchio ..but this story is actually alot different. edgy android boi who lives in Septem’s World as gate guardian. Well even though he is sarcastic type. He can be also pretty kind. If there is something right to do he would even put his own life for it.



So this is about it ıf you were patient enough to come down here well THANK YOU SO MUUCH! I hope that my comment was useful for you

Since that ı finished to write this comment..

Now ım going to daydream about this game for at least months create fanfiction stories about every character in my head and keep repeating the routes to remember scenes :3 hehe


 again thanks for reading . Have great day ! 


!! I think this is the longest comment I've received so far LOL

Thank you so much, I'm glad you gave the game a chance!! I'm also very picky with VNs, and it's hard for me to find one that I like... That's a reason why I'm making MO now LOL

I'm working on Auggie's route (as the bonus goal) right now, so I hope you check that and future games out!! :D


Ah ım really happy for this news !! I will play it immediately when ıt comes Thank you so much ! I hope I will have a chance of playing more of your games in future ! :) 

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I'm just disappointed in myself, i mean im like 7 years late to discovering your games like hello??? They're so well made!! The characters (designs), CGs, humor, story/time -lines??, music-- they're so well made- i mean at this rate you've left me completely speechless! I've lost count of how long i've been playing the game, but it's really kept me busy; It's been several years since I've actually laughed while playing a game, and you really weren't kidding when you said it would heal both the reader & writer

Not to mention, the sheer amount of creativity you have is just admirable, I mean you're incredibly creative and brilliant, so no wonder!! honestly im really astonished by you (if that makes any sense) and grateful.

all characters stood out to me, and i really love all of them!! I'm pretty sure I'll be remember them for a while, and don't worry if I forget and you somehow know, be sure to break my skull with a hammer :)), honestly though I find all of them unique and interesting, and the dynamics are just hilarious (ex. Henri & Mikhail), though if i had to say i had one favorite from each game currently existing; then I'd say Yvin (troublemakers woo), Riov & Auggie (I would've said Rieffe/Vendetta, but I like Auggie a bit more; trust me it was a hard decision), favorite route though? I don't have any really, since they're all tied hehe.. I would honestly hug all of them tightly though, they're just that lovable, but i'd most likely try to make them comfortable (and hopefully not get on their bad side)

though: the amount of amusement, joy, and fear?? i felt is just,, argh it's really astounding to me, because otherwise i'd usually just sit in my room with absolute boredom, so experiencing something like that after so long (without my friends and being in a VC) is just really impressive to me, though that may just be my opinion (or something like that!)

If i could, I would buy this game 60 times over and while I may go bankrupt after that, at least you gain 1.2K!! I'm overjoyed knowing that you finally get paid for making these games, because it's really deserved- like really really REAAALLLYYY deserved!! I have never been more happy to buy a game, and it's really worth it! I'm looking forward to your future games :D

I might as well give you my entire wallet because wow, you deserve it all, actually no, I'll give you my entire bank account!!! honestly, you're the best person (?) developer that I've met, batensan...  cries happily + silently so thank you :D

so.. that's all I really have in mind for what I can tell you since I ran out of compliments- I honestly would throw you into a sea of compliments if i could: because you fully deserve it!! though, please excuse if I'm bad with words or complimenting, I'm still working on getting better with them haha, but just know i'll always support you! anyway, I'm sincerely sorry for wasting your time, but then again if you took the time to read this, then thank you. soo.. best regards?? from Iden (aka, paper)!! 

and I wish you the best year ever :)


You're really too sweet!! Thank you for all of the kind words!!

I'm really fortunate to have you and everyone else taking the time to read my works. Thank you so much!!


thank you, too!! and of course, no problem! after all, you deserve it. the amount of effort, thought and again, creativity you put in is just magnificent: it takes years and/or months to write, create and produce games along with its assets like music, art, modelling and whatnot! so after all of that, you really deserve it... think of it as paying you back for everything you've done. you have my utmost gratitude, batensan. so thank you.

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I missed the anniversary....

Curse you exams!


On steam though... (I'm sorry I'm poor T-T).

Here was my spoiler free review with some additions ehe.

I absolutely loved every second of the game. It was filled with warmth, angst, and all the good stuff. It took me 15-16 hours to finish everything (by that I mean all Good and Bad ends), and I enjoyed every second. The side characters were written brilliantly, the comedy was on point, and the angst hit me right in the feels. The use of the music was also very well directed and absolutely drove me to tears of joy AND sadness. All of the characters in this world shone to me one way or another, and I don't think I'll forget some of them any time soon. This game is absolutely worth it to buy and play! I look forward to more of your games in the future batensan! I am absolutely happy that you're finally getting paid for these stories you're making. I wanna know what's in your brain YOU'RE ABSOLUTELY SO CREATIVE. Also, I love most of the MC's you have had so far. Ciel, Anholly, and Iris... Thank you again! Best birthday for me ever!

Now for the spoiler filled one (Please don't read if you plan on playing this absolutely wonderful game):




MORGEN? KANN? AUGUSTIA? I would marry Morgen if she was ALIVE.

batensannnnnn sobs

I did a live blog on my friends' discord channel, and one of them I realized, was hilariously like you, when it came to angst and humor. She said that she felt like she was narrating the dialogues sometimes (Clavie?!).

I LOVE all the side characters and main ones. You outdid yourself on this project and I wish I could give more money HNGHHH. Fiuheim, Morgen, Augustia, Auggie, Hendrick, Neirrei, Enmei, An Zinmei, Henri, Mikhail, Kann, Val, Wynrou, Vendetta, AAAAAA all of them are so loveable and I want to give them all the happiness they deserve sobs

Anyways favorite route huh.


Yes I'm one of those people you said who'd like his route.

It's just, somehow, works? You absolutely didn't spare any effort on his true end and I couldn't be more like a person drowning in the sea with my tears falling every second.

I hate that the true end is Iris dying, but we don't know that yet, don't we? The next story, I'm buying still >:D. And when it comes, I'll finally (probably) have a proper job, SO EXPECT ME TO SHOWER YOU IN MONEY.

BATENSAN YOU DA BEST. I can't believe I get to grow up with your magical otoge series.

Replaring Anholly and Ciel again! Your games never get old. <3

Edit: Just wanted to add that this game won't probably leave my mind, and I'd most likely create fanfiction for it...ehe. One day when I finally have the courage to post them publicly HAHAHHA.


HAHA THANK YOU SO MUCH if you ever write some fanfic, I'd love to take a peek... 👀


This was absolutely amazing to play! I just loved every bit of it!!! The art, the humor, even the angst (though I'm still not over THAT ending). I will definitely be playing MO Ciel and MO Anholly now, and eagerly awaiting MO Melanie! I just gotta see where these stories go next!


Thank you!! Ciel/Anholly are much older so they aren't quite at the same level as Iris, but I hope you enjoy them either way :D


So. is claiming this game is currently being given away as a Full game for free, yet I cannot download it, and it says I have to pay at least $20 for this game. (here is the link to the page for proof)

Why is this listed if it's not being given for free? The site does not say the offer is expired, and he offer is recent as I had checked Gamerpower yesterday or the day before and the offer was not there.

False Advertising?


It was free for 24 hours only on March 19 until March 20, 12 pm PST.

Why don't you take it up with gamerpower instead of me? I have nothing to do with them.

(2 edits) (+14)

Elodain, the level of arrogance and entitlement in your comment is beyond words.  Holy cow.
Don't believe everything you read online.  The only way something is 'free' is if the gamedev themselves puts it for free on the official store page, not what some 3rd party website claims.  If you want to complain about inaccuracies, go to that website and yell at them instead of the gamedev!

I'm one of those who missed out on the free deal, but despite that I don't demand or expect it to be free just because I asked.  I'll wait for a sale or play something else as there are plenty of games out there to enjoy.

Deleted 1 year ago

No worries everyone, I'm not good enough at programming to use viruses 👍

(Jokes aside, I think it has to do with Renpy/not being a "verified publisher." Even I receive the same warning from the game sometimes when out of developer mode stuff.)

(1 edit) (+4)

This is what is called a 'false positive', especially when literally every other antivirus in the list says it is ok.  RenPy games are often false-flagged due to being 'exe packed'.  If you look at the notes it says 'contains elf' and 'contains pe' which point to why it was flagged.  Most antimalware vendors have white-flagged RenPy stuff because they know that it isn't malicious (RenPy being an open-source project) so they know how it works.

If you bothered to throw it into a VM and monitor traffic with wireshark or otherwise ask other trusted techie people before throwing around accusations, then you would look far less foolish here.

Speaking of foolish, repeating what some people from Reddit have (falsely) claimed means you're taking the flak for their bad information.  Again don't believe everything you read.

You can state factually 'I scanned this in Virustotal both exe and zip and some detections came up so I dunno seems sus can anyone verify'.  That means you're concerned over the potential for malware but aren't making accusations without proof.

I've literally called out a certain ported-from-mobile Steam PC release as malware due to a kernel-level spyware driver they install using powershell scripts and claim it as 'anti cheat' (for an offline single-player experience).  Then before I had the opportunity to post a detailed technical breakdown (that I was working on), ReddiTrash and others felt free to plagiarize my work instead (taking credit for the discovery for clicks/karma).

Be vigilant but also be ready to prove what you state.  Since the dev has been active here it is an easy case of 'hey what is this' type of deal.  The dev can mitigate this in some ways since RenPy is open-source and certain features can be enabled/disabled to avoid most false detections.  However, doing so may lead to a much larger file size and a drop in optimization/performance so the tradeoff may not be worthwhile.


DaedalusMachina is a legend.

Thanks for the lengthy explanation--I don't know how the nitty gritty works; I'm just here to make otome games LOL


Thank you for the kind words.  I didn't mean to just jump into things but I dislike when innocent game devs are falsely accused of malice when they use an open-source project that gets false-flagged by terrible antivirus vendors.  Unfortunately there are many malicious (and ignorant) game devs out there who take advantage of PC and mobile gamers alike and attempt to surreptiously install trojans, spyware, malware, and/or crypto miner software.  The worst I've seen is as I mentioned there are games that attempt to install malware/spyware and claim it is an 'anti cheat' kernel driver.

Although I'm not 100% certain as to ways to mitigate this, there's a few helpful links I found doing a quick search on it:

VirusTotal is not foolproof, nor does it update/configure each antivirus for optimal effectiveness.  There's a correlation between how much money can be made (selling the data to security researchers and companies for example) and the bandwidth/scanning costs associated with doing things 'for free'.  It is a moving target, basically.

As always if anyone gets detections in whatever antivirus/antimalware you use, please be kind enough to at least ask the game developer the what and whys before throwing accusations.  If you are tech-saavy or know someone who is tech-saavy and possibly check network traffic with wireshark or through other methods, then you have a bit more to go on than gut feeling.

If any gamedev comes across this, just know that RenPy is an open-source toolkit for game developers to make visual novel games.  There is no malware involved.  Always get RenPy from the official website:
That's the DOT ORG  domain, not .com or .net or anything else.  When in doubt, search using a reliable search engine (I use and then go to the website through that link instead of typing it in directly.


Thank you for selling this on special offer, I am really amazed. And I wish you a wonderful anniversary


t h i s. 
i played this a while ago and didn't really think to leave a comment or anything but this hit me in the heart- of course without any spoilers i'd just like to say i adore iris.
i wish i had the money to have given you a tip or something, but the best i could do is pay the full price :,>
all of these characters just make me feel and i am in love with the writing and general story - same as in your other games. of course this one feels much more fleshed out but all of them are still incredible!
and as a closing note, as much as i love your other games, i adore a good tragedy - so this is definitely by far my favorite. the sheer hopelessness that i myself felt in any situation that the characters didn't quite get the ending they wanted means that this was perfect.
this game was incredible, 11/10, i most certainly will play again multiple times, and thank you for creating this beauty. 


aaaaa Thank you so much!! ( ; ω ; ) Thank you for the kind words and still thinking about this story after playing!!

From Iris onward, the lore runs deep! Many more tragedies await... (✧ω✧)


Aaaaaa, I agree with everyone else, you totally deserve the pay! >:0 <3
Unfortunately, I can't get the game yet but when I will be able to... H'Oh boy..
AAA, I CAN'T WAIT! I've played all of your Magical Otoge games other than this one, they're all SO GOOD!! TT<3 Love you and your stuff btw! Hope you're doing well! :D <3


Thank you!! T___T <3 I hope you enjoy the game when you get a chance to play it!!


Well, I'm late to the party-! Anyway, this was very well done. Greatly exceeded my expectations for it. I don't have much to say other than I had fun playing, but looking forwards to any next projects! :D


Thank you, glad you liked it!!!!


WOOOO i love this game! I'm happy I used my allowance on this, the art is soo pretty ^^


Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it!! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃


Is there a recommended route order :0 or just pick whoever we like lol


There isn't a strict order, but generally I would say Rieffe or Lanneis > Reqieu > Septem!


Okay thank you!! :D


I really love your work and am happy you've finally made a pay for game. You really deserve to be compensated for all your gorgeous hard work! I'm gonna go hide away and replay all your games now. :P


ASDFLH THANK YOU... CRIES... I hope you enjoy Iris!! dont look at my old stuff im begging you

(1 edit)

Hello, I just got the game recently but it seems that when I try to open the game it seems to crash on startup, do you think you could find a solution for me if it's not too much trouble? I've tried the demo before and it was running without any trouble, I've tried another game where all different builds were connected and my game would crash sometimes but I could run it but I can't run Iris at all.

(1 edit)

Oh no!! Could you send me an email ( with a screenshot of the game folder/what you're clicking on when trying to run the game? I'll help you out there!

(1 edit) (+1)

Yess!! I'm so glad you're making a game for PAY finally!! You soooooo desserve this!! I will make this game my birthday present to myself!!!!!!!


Finally downloaded this for myself I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY, SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG, AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!


SDLGHSDLG I haven't heard someone say that before but I'm really thankful LFDHSLG (ಥ﹏ಥ) I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH IT...!!!


Finally, today is the day my dear batensan. <33


I'm treating myself to this game for my birthday :'D

I had to wait so long even tho i was ready for launch date, quarantine has not been kind to me so i HAD to wait but today its finally the day i get to play this masterpiece!!

I will come back to RANT about how much i love ur games after i finish playing!!

Again, congrats on releasing magical otoge iris!!

(PD: i went to pizzaro project like u suggested and OMG I fell in love, sequel when?! sly it was too funny to not be true ;-;)

DSLGHSL HAVE FUN!!!! Please take care of yourself too!! T__T ❤️

I really hope you enjoy Iris and that it's worth the wait!!!

i just started the prologue!!!! I'm loving it so far!!! :)

F in the chat for poor Henri and his tsundere nature XD

Waaaah~! Augustia! I hear voices too! X,D How do I let you know though?

I bet peeps finished playing this and me its been 1 year i haven't continue playing this ;v; But gladly im able to continue it rn :D


i'm sadly BROKE as of now but once i get the money, mark!  my!  words!  i'll be buying and playing this right away!  i've been following the series since however long forever ago was and have played the previous games, and i gotta say, you've done such a fantastic job creating them!  they're lighthearted, sweet, and hints of angst (juuuust a little in backstories and such) into each of the last games, and i really happy that you finished magical otoge iris this year!  i wish you luck on future games!!!

(╥_╥) Thank you--! I'm glad my silly clown literature has stayed with you for so long!! I hope you get a chance to play Iris soon!!


After playing for less than a minute, I started tearing up haha. I forgot how much I love this game series, I'm super attached.


(ಥ﹏ಥ) !!!!! Drink water while you play!! Have fun!!


best game



Some how I managed to miss that this had released! I'm trying to resist until I get paid this month to buy it but aaagh T^T

Take your time~!! Hope you enjoy it!! :D


In my eagerness to buy the game, I missed that if I paid an extra $5 I could get the artbook as well! Whoops! Is there a way to buy the artbook individually? (Or perhaps if I pay an extra $5 I can have it emailed to me or something?) Sorry for such a silly question ;;;

If it's not possible, I'll just buy it again later haha! :D I can't wait to play Iris!! Thank you so much Batensan for everything!! <333


Hello~~! Thanks so much for the support! I asked itch io on the forums and they really don't have a system for paying extra (side-eyes) so I went ahead and uploaded the book as its own item here!

Have fun with the game!! Can't wait to read your thoughts in the survey!! :D


Ah that's perfect!! Thank you so so much!! <3 I'll go get it now! C:

Thank you for that and have a wonderful day! :D I'll definitely give you my thoughts later! <3


Hurray! Just bought da game. One request though: would you please update the discord link? Thanks!

Thank you~ And sorry about that--I thought I checked it!

I posted a new invite link. Hopefully this one works?


This one works! Thanks a lot!


Aww will this ever be released in Steam? I've been waiting for years but I don't have credit card to buy in itch io ;;w;; Congrats on release though batensan~ Been following since Ciel:D


Thank you~!! Yeah I'm planning for a Steam release eventually but it might take a while! But is a better way to directly receive support unlike Steam so I prefer it first...!

Ooooh that's good then, I shall wait more patiently~

(1 edit) (+5)

I'm about ready to spend my RENT MONEY ON THIS OMG! Congrats on the release! I cannot WAIT TO PLAY!

Hope you plan on treating yourself all week! Eat some good food, buy yourself something nice -- YOU DID IT!! Congrats on finishing, so happy for you and so proud of you!



Take care of yourself first!!! I'll always be here (*/ω\)

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