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Loved it, thanks!

i've just finished playing it for the first time and i really enjoyed it, i even cried a little in the end. i'm probably going to buy the pdf art book to support the creators! 


I still can't believe people are actually crying at our clown game, but I'm happy LOL 😂🤡


thank you for this masterpiece

played on twitch with my bro.

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hey! im really interested in playing this but my antivirus is finding an issue with the exe file, is this game safe to play? is there an issue with the files? its the first time it has happened with games i download from itchio so you may wanna look into it?

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Hello, that's a really common problem among Renpy games (it even says that for my computer even though I made it lol), and it's because your computer classifies it as by an unknown developer.

I promise you, I'm not smart enough to program anything malicious into the files.

Examples of more Renpy games having the same problem:


thanks for the info! I wasn't worried about you or anything I mostly trust developers and don't worry about things like that, I was more worried about some unknown third party you know 😂 but I'll try the game nonetheless haha thanks for the reply!


I've been getting games off for a long time and only recently made my account. Nearly every game will have that pop-up but I've never had a single issue with anything if that helps :D

i played it already! i have to say im happy i did haha, thanks for your advice!

file "game/extras.rpy" line 137 broke

I couldn't replicate the error but I went ahead and moved some stuff around anyway, so hopefully that fixes the problem!


I didn't know I liked clowns


I just finished playing and all I'm gonna say is-

Heartstrings have been tugged.

B) All according to our clown plans.



sfjkhe how did I miss this game- leT ME REPAY BY PLAYING IT, I WAS GONNA CRAWL BACK TO OLD GAMES I USED TO PLAY- actually I wouldn't mind playing Magical Otoge Ciel again...

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i havent played it yet but im so glad someone made a biography of me, thx man (:


i-idk how should i feel about this, im having a dilemma of whether to download it or not


This was so much fun rip my poor roommates who had to listen to me screech with laughter through these thin thin walls. 


I was apprehensive about playing this because clown otome is a hard pitch, but this was honestly so hilarious and fun. XD


This is sadly, the last part in my let's play. I had so much fun playing this. All the twists and turns and jokes!! It was awesome. 🤡🍕

Part 2!! This game is hilarious. Loving all the parodies.


I can no longer feel any emotion aside from hunger


I don't think hunger is an emotion, honk... 🤡

But if it were, that's all Pizzaro feels, too...




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this is too good for a April Fool's joke or prank. This is the work of three masterminds of plot and wielders of the pen and color. Even with the terrible puns. Batensan, fenori and zzzbookwormzzz, thank you for putting so much work and effort into a silly thing like this. It let me forget my troubles for a while and for that i thank you all. 

ps I wouldn't mind there being an actual calendar of shuiren and the other officers, id buy it. And i can't wait for the next addition next April.


!! Thank you for the kind words! I think you mean "terribly good" puns, though 🤡🤡🤡


It's a great april fools' game, it will make you cry with laughter and take a shot in the heart 😱

batensan always do great games! I love you work! Thanks to fenori and zzzbookwormzzz too!

Thank you!! <3 I'm glad you like my games!


The underwater basket weaving part absolutely killed me! The production value on this "joke" is incredibly high- I mean, this is some top notch stuff. Perhaps we're the April Fools after all for thinking this would just be a throwaway joke?

Thank you! We really wanted to take this joke to the next level :o)

This is amazing!!! Renpy gave me an error when i tried to see the trailer, but other than that no issues! :)

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Hm that's strange! No one else has given me a report like that. Does the error happen every time?

If you have time, please give me the details or email about it!

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i love you 🤡 cilantro is high key hot tho 

🤡 Thank you for playing!


dying at the whole puns and parody references x"D you guys are so dedicated to make a full game just for an april fool surprise hahaha keep up the good work! Can't wait for the next upcoming game! /o/


Thank you so much!! The more dedication/work went into this "joke" game, the funnier it became 🤡





It was genuinely such a good experience playing this game. The PDF art book is cute too. Thank you to the team for the hard work!

Thanks so much for playing and supporting the game! <3


Loved it, it was hilarious!

The art was lovely, had engaging funny storyline (Dude Fire killed me)(also the AU... ham and American Brunchables..!!!)

Is it weird that now I like clowns? XD
looveeee and thank you for making!!

Thank you for playing!! Welcome to the clown club!! Honk.



As a long lover of sad clowns I really enjoyed this game! It was really funny, short and sweet with lovable music . 

Plus it was refreshing to see a collab like this between three very different art styles.

Always a huge fan Batensan ! love you xx

Ahh thank you so much!! I'm glad you liked the music, too!!!

See you on the other side of the sauce! :o)


i really enjoyed this game and I'm so glad to see a new game from baten :> missed the art style and i welcome the collab :>

congrats on the release and hope that you keep going!

Ahhh thank you so much!!! <3


you're welcomeeee owo


20/10 Would recommend this to anyone with a fear of clowns.

Also the amount of references is the cheese to my pizza <3 CHEFS KISS

 (Yes I created an account just to leave a comment HAHAH)




Thank you sooo much for such a pleasing experience, Batesan! The art is gorgeous and the writing had me wheezing (those forth wall breaking comments got me goooood). I love all the guys omg and the fact that this VN has a solid plot is dope but I kinda wish it was a tad more romance driven, you know? We need that sequel, c'mon!

The bottom line is, I definitely walked out of this one finding clowns cute and it's your fault. I'll be waiting for the release of the new Magical Otoge game so stay safe and take care of yourself!! <3

Thanks, glad you liked it!! The romance in PPDD is a work in progress... perhaps... 🤡


gotta comment right before April 1st ends to say

thank you for making me fall in love with clowns. 

All according to the plan... You have been saved by the Clown Reckoning 🤡


This is by far the most unique visual novel I've ever played. It's hilarious + cute. Part 1:


Thank you!! Can't wait to watch the rest of your playthrough!!!


I also registered just to say a huge thank you! It was an amazing story and I had an awesome time playing this. Thank you!

Thank you so much for taking the time to play!!! <3


Why did I see Cilantro as Dio during the unscented soap scene?  That was a lot of fun, thanks for the laughs!

Haha, thanks for playing~!!


ahhhh this was so good <333 the story was amazing and so chaotic at the same time :^) love your games so much, batensan <3

Thank you so much!!! I'm glad you liked it!! See you again in Magical Otoge ^p^


created an account here just to leave a comment--

idk what i was expecting when i downloaded this game, maybe something chaotic evil but it turned out to be a full fledged dating sim AGHJKHFJDKSL that was absolutely fantastic. 100000/10 thank you for your efforts!!



a masterpiece



This was amazing!!!

Thank you, honk! 🤡

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Wow, i mean just wow.

I don't remember ever laughing this much in a game, plus all the Kingdom Hearts (sorry, K*ngd*m H**rts)  references made me die, 'cause it's one of my favourite games!


I totally want the sequel haha

HEHEH GLAD YOU ENJOYED 🤡🤡🤡 Perhaps the sequel will happen someday...


Happy April 1st but also why does it look super pretty



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the clowne mouthfeel... exquisite, 10/10


This game promised me two things. A broke pizza clown and puns. It delivered. What? No I'm not biased.

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Reviews from test players:

  • "Idk how you did it but you guys actually made me fall in love with a clown." - Player "S"
  • "Cursed Level 7/10 could be more cursed tbh." - Player "S"
  • "Damn you." - Player "A"

🤡 Enjoy your meal 🤡

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