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It is the middle ground between sweet and salt, between sauce and spice, and it lies between the pit of a clown's fears and the summit of his clown makeup. This is the dimension of clownery.

Welcome... to the Cal Zone.

Play as a girl named Anne Chovy and date a sad clown living in poverty!

This is #ProjectDeepDish

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Free Game: ~20,000 words, approx 1 hour+
Digital PDF Art Book: 46 Pages
Includes a secret password for an extra scene and CG in-game!

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A collaboration by batensan, fenori, and zzzbookwormzzz

batensan: twitter | tumblr | instagram | Q&A | batensan@gmail.com

fenori: twitter | tumblr | instagram | dA | fenoriart@gmail.com

zzzbookwormzzz: twitter | instagram | zzzmailszzz@gmail.com

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Updated 17 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(258 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsAnime, clown, clown-dating-game, clown-dating-sim, Comedy, Dating Sim, Female Protagonist, otoge, Otome, otome-game


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If I may ask, How long is this game?


As it says on the front page, ~20,000 words, approx 1 hour+ (reading to yourself).

If you read it out loud, it often takes 3+ hours.

Thank you so much for telling me!!!🥰

My favorite Otome rn lol (and I play A LOT of them!) I'm sad that we weren't able to actually date Pizzaro tho... maybe if there's a sequel?? 


I loved it and now want more of all these characters. I hope you may make another full game for these characters.

I didn't know what was happening half of the time but i regret nothing.

...also Pizzaro is underappreciated and i love him


Wow. All I have to say is, this story is definitely unexpected, in a good way. I laughed a lot at the unexpected twists and 4th wall break while playing through the game. The story is superrr wholesome, the CGs are well-made, and the characters are really interesting!

Overall, 10000000000/10 :D



What a ride! Like, oh my freaking god. This went wackier and deeper than I expected. Whenever I'd think I'm having a firmer grasp of the story line, it'd go in a direction I couldn't have foreseen and surprise me with a twist! It was like one long Monty Python sketch. I loved the absurdity and goofiness of it all. The self-awareness, the puns, the references, the light-hearted banter - it was all simply great and fun. 

I honestly did not jump into this expecting much. I thought this was going to be some silly, memey, short game - and I mean, it was. But - it was so much more than that. It had a comprehensive plot, a colorful and funny cast, and a complete story. By the end of it, I actually felt like I went on a genuine journey with Anne, Cilantro, Pizzaro and the others. I felt like I really got to know each and every character (this was all in the span of 3 and a half hours.) 

I really appreciated the heroine. I liked her usual stoic, yet honest and sometimes snarky demeanor. Her common-sense, though sometimes disbelief at at all these new things happening to her. I thought it was rather relatable and most of her responses mirrored how I'd likely would respond given her situation. And Pizzaro... my adorably pitiful, poor, naive, pure-hearted baby. It was amusing, though also sad seeing the way he would mercilessly get bullied at times. He really deserves happiness. I felt guilty pairing the heroine with anybody else. I enjoyed their interactions and seeing Anne & Pizzaro together. I truly wished them the best and would have desired to see more quality time spent between them. Same with Cilantro on his route. It was so short!

Nevertheless, the art is superb and the soundtrack was fitting. Writing was well-done as many have already commented. Really helped immersed me more into the game. Liked the crossover with the Ozmafia-esque art style and how it was used to set the contrast between the "normal" and Cal Zone people.

Those break-from-character moments with Anne - where she'd go full on simping/fangirling mode whenever seeing a hot guy was funny and low-key relatable, at least in the context of fiction, haha. I completely felt that when seeing Cilantro for the first time and when Pizzaro removed his makeup. I was like, "damn. I definitely made the right choice in playing this game and subjecting myself to seeing these eye-candy fictional men."

Anyway, absolutely adored this cute, unique, weird game. Totally one of the best otome I've played on itch.io. Thanks for supporting Linux as a platform!


It has been a long time since I've played a game that had me doubling over in laughter while also keeping me at the edge of my seat throughout. I was expecting this to be a silly little game but the men are hot and the stakes are high. Go buy the artbook or throw a couple bucks to these guys. I can't wait to see what future projects are in store. 


I am down bad for Cilantro. It was a very well made game with clean visuals, it was a very good time :D!!


What a wild ride, I could not work out what way the story was going to go. It was hilarious with a lot of jokes and I really loved the characters. It was great seeing their interaction seem genuine but go completely to the extreme, and all of this based on the Calzone, really fun to playthrough.

If you're asking yourself should I download it just do it you only need one reason and it's C L O W N S!


I thought this was going to be a short, funny little nothing game when I mentioned it to my friends for the shock value of knowing a clown dating sim existed. A nearly 6 hour discord call later consisting of us "voice acting" every character later and this game has easily become one of our favorites. Practically every few lines had us laughing and/or saying "What the f*ck is happening". Funny and shockingly cute with great art all while never feeling cringy. (To my little group of weird internet friends so take that with a grain of salt) Many laughs, inside jokes, and even a few drawings have been born. 

Highly recommend, especially if you have people to experience this with.  


This has honestly got to be one of my favorite games, the art is great, I thought I would just be in for a goofy lil game, but it was that and more, weird in the best of ways


this was well made and well-put game . i really liked the characters and the story was bizarre.


delightfully bizarre

I’m surprised on how well this game kept my eyes glued to my screen, and considering that my attention span is shorter than me, that’s quite a incredible feat! Now it may sound like I’m sucking dik right now, I honestly really like the game! And I feel like it should be shared more in the gaming community. While, yes, it’s an April fools project, it’s one of the few games that haven’t bored the hell out of me after the first few minutes. So if you want to play a game but aren’t ready for commitment to a full on serious series, and you want some comedy along side that, I would definitely recommend this game!

I played this also cause haha funny, but it was unexpectedly good. The writing and story overall was well done, and all the characters were funny and weird, my cup of tea. 10/10 would recommend. Plus, it's free, so if you have the spare time, what do you have to lose?


i absolutely love this, everything is so amazing, so funny and enjoyable, everyone is so lovable oh my god im glad i found this, protag was really fun to play with, a cursed yet heaven-blessed game!


as someone who absolutely loves clowns and jesters and everything of the sort, as soon as i saw this game i immediately knew i would love it. it's incredibly fun and cute, all the designs are beautiful (interface, characters and the backgrounds too) and i just loved all the jokes! the characters are super loveable too (i cant decide on a fave tbh, they're all really really good)

genuinely can't recommend it enough, as soon as i finished the game i immediately bought the art book pdf, which i also 100% stand behind, all the illustrations are super cool and it was fun seeing some more trivia of all the characters and the artists who created the game!

10/10 game fr PLAY IT BESTIES


Well, for starters this is not what I expected. Based on the fact that I'm playing this and almost 3 am is probably why I was even more confused than I should've been, on another note I enjoyed this game and all the characters were very nice. Lots of plot twists I never would've expected. In the end, my favorites were Pizzaro and Perrio, the art was AMAZING the different art styles shocked me a bit at first but I eventually got used to it. The art at the end of the routes was amazing I can't help but fawn over each of them. The storyline was a bit chaotic but I still enjoyed it and I would recommend this game to other people for sure, it's definitely not what I expected


The art and GUI are gorgeous! Loved the puns!

Didn't expect much of a plot goint into it, but man, it TAKES A TURN.

I kinda wish Pizzaro kept his costume on a bit longer, though :'(


I've played so many games lately (and throughout this *unpleasantness* as a whole) but i'll be real-- this is in my top 10 played this year. As a whole. To put that in perspective i've played over 25 new games these last 2 months alone. I've streamed this game in my discord and had 2 other friends download it too because of how much fun we had playing it together, this game is just unreal. Top tier comedy. It was so campy and wonderful and absurd-- genuinely 10/10. Do yourself a favor and grab this game, and pay the devs while you're at it. Follow their accounts on twitter and IG and check out their gorgeous art. This game's design was fantastic, plot was buckwild, art was top notch. Even the details at the end of the individual character's dialogues was so cute. I honestly can't throw enough praise at this absurd clown game. Just don't hesitate and support this project. 
Thank you for this wonderful gift of a game!


so originally i was like hehe funny clown game lol

but then as i was playing i unironically fell in love with like everyone and i even cried genuinely cried and now there's like a hole in my heart after finishing this game. this game will definitely be one i remember. i love it i love it i love it. hehe gonna tell all my friends to play it.


I hope PPDD will be a pizza your heart forever...

Don't worry about that clown-shaped hole in your heart. One day, there will be a sequel... (˵¯͒〰¯͒˵)


its a big clown shaped hole man i think about this game a lot i cannot wait for the day a sequel comes out


This game was really fun to play! I loved the artwork and the characters. I especially like Anne because of how blunt and straight forward she is. I was not expecting that ending at all. It all felt so random but it was funny.


A truly fun game filled with memorable characters and one of my favorite otome protags of all time.

(1 edit)

Oh wow. The art style here compared to Magical Otoge has improved drastically. I feel so happy for the artists. <3


Roses are red

Violets are blue

The artists in this game

Are 1 + 2

I'm really enjoying this VN so far. I think the comedy in this is great!


What the hell... This is cursed in many ways but this is so well-made I am in genuine shock I have no idea how I managed to push through to reach the ending, this is amazing but at the same time I am a fountain full of conflicting emotions... What I will say is amazing job, genuinely dazzled by what everyone put on the table, the writing, the humor, the difference in artstyle and only once been acknowledge, the characters-- Jesus everything about this is amazing!!!


replaying this masterpiece on April 1st, as god intended. Is this the pinnacle of comedy? Was I laughing out loud while playing this? that's... confidential information


clownfidential information



this game surprised me with its humor and surprising level of detail!! the artists and writers really outdid themselves with this. absolutely awesome!


i can't express how much i loved this game omg 


Pizzaro Project Deep Dish is like being at the circus quite literally you never know what to expect.  The game is hilarious and I was laughing till it hurts nearly falling off my chair.  I loved the main character the clown and the way he revealed his character as complately helpless, pathetic yet you couldn't help but feel so sorry for him and like him.  

I wanted to feed this poor clown cookies.  I thought to myself as I played this game what a friend this sad clown would be and endearing and loyal to the very end.  You will always have a "pizza" part of my heart Pizzaro though I had a secret crush on the police officer lol.  I love a good anime boy!  


It was really fun and interesting! Loved the puns <3


Absolutely loved this, it took a whole different turn from what I originally thought going in to the game. The characters and story is so creative and fun, it lifted my spirits after finishing. If you're contemplating on playing the game, please go for it!


This is one of the best dating sim visual novels i've ever played ahhhh <3 


I had such as fun time playing this game. It was wholesome, wacky, and funny! The puns and references definitely killed me. I loved the characters so much. I especially liked how Anne was written and how she would react in ways that I totally didn't expect or lowkey relatable. It was also nice seeing and appreciating the different art styles of the characters and CGs! 


This game is much like a rollercoaster in that it raised my expectations too high only to drop them way, way down. The art is great, the characters are good, the humor is silly and direct, and the first half of the game is very enjoyable. I'm not exaggerating when I say this game went from 5 stars to 3 within minutes. What we have here is a Giraffe Town scenario where the developer makes something fun and unique only to turn the game on its head in the latter half, forsaking what made it so engaging in the first place. For reasons unknown by mankind, the author turned their entertaining and funny clown dating sim into a Kingdom Hearts spoof that goes on for way too long. Simple and grounded writing becomes convoluted and boring as my interest, much like the writing quality, takes a nosedive. If you're a fan of Kingdom Hearts then by all means play this game, but if you appreciate more consistent storytelling like me it might be better to pass on this one.

The irony of writing a serious review on a game about clowns is not lost on me.

in love


LITERALLY just made an account to comment on this. this is one of the best games i've ever played im SOBBING ihmonmhtotrwjwgrnohwrp;jreniewgrwige[perngrgoipwdfknm'qg34pginf vnpiwqj]regjerkwqrngepogqkrg


LOVED IT <3 i adore all the characters & the game is genuinely funny !!

10/10 ♡♡


I love this game so much. Love everything about it. Great job!

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