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i literally loved this game I WISH THERE WERE OTHER GAMES LIKE THIS like are there any related or similar games to this??? aghh and the arts and the different art styles as well are just amazing i love it omg!

oh yes and the scream that pizzaro would do LMAO i cant this game was so funny ahhh


Not to worry, we've got some direct sequels planned! šŸ¤”

You can also check out the Magical Otoge series which I also made!


one of my fav games cuz i have a thing for clowns


sorry i meant this IS my favorite game


I finally had a chance to play this game!! I was feeling really down today, so I thought to load this up to cheer me up and... IT DID! Ohmygosh it was super silly and I loved how the plot just kept going EVERYWHERE. I love nonsense stuff like that, and yet it works. This was a fun and beautiful game that you could tell was made with extra love and passion! It was also neat how you all showed off each of your art styles, and all of the CGs were a pleasant treat! Plus I did not expect that end choice... you think there's only 1 but there's actually 4 hahaha! I may consider getting that artbook to unlock the bonus scene sometime~

Thanks for making such a fun game, I really needed it today! Also that trailer... haha.... I mean, I'd definitely play it!


Thanks a bunch!! I'm glad you liked it!! Not to worry, we have some Fun Things planned... šŸ¤”


this game was so fun!! i loved every character sprite and line of dialogue. the storyline was... strange, but it totally worked! y'all are super creative and original, and the blend of art styles was impressive too! thank you for all the laughs from the bottom of my heart :o)

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Cool, so I had some great fun playing this game XD It was fun, easy to get through and the ending tied everything together (I'm talking about the ending before you actually pick which guy you get in the very end)




The police officer's boss is actually me (batensan), it's a little hidden joke that the OC's bosses are their creators HAHAHA


Great game! has to be one of my favorite games I ever played! if you want a game that has a lot of humor play this game. its great!   


this was extremely fun to play especially if you feel like you wanna laugh and feel happy, also bozo, shuiren and cilantro are extremely seggsy, pierre is a cool funky man and i love him, and pizzario is just doing whatever pizzario does and i'd do anything and everything just for them :>




i had so much fun playing this!! thanks for the laughs :o)


my friend and i just played this together (aka reading through it together while streaming on discord lol) and JNSDKJSAD WE LOVE IT SO MUCH PLEASE AND THE CHARACTERS WERE CHEFS KISS THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING SDKJFNDJSK all the characters are lovely and the plot was amazing and the artwork is just YES!!!! its HBSDJFKNSDJKFNSD SO GOOD. i just. yes. sadly i couldn't hear any of the voices for some reason so :(


The reason you couldn't hear any voices is because the game has none!!! šŸ¤”

But thanks to the engine Ren'py, it has an auto-read function sort of like the Google Translate voice! Check the Help menu for more info šŸ¤”


M a s t e r p i e c e. Sequel when?


šŸ¤” You never know when the clown inquisition is coming... šŸ¤”


My friend and I played this game and it changed the way we hang out. That mother fucker is constantly speaking in their pizzaro voice, and I can't stop doing the voice I put on for Anne. I am obsessed with these characters. Bozo lives in my mind and makes me commit crime please help. Anne Chovey... my fav mf. Pierro and Pizzaro? Pawgas. Our discord server is called Dude Fire: The OG Brochacho and I am in love with this funky little game. :O)


You've been infected by clowns..........

All according to plan. Humanity's dusk is coming šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”


that was so fun! i love pizzaro and his shenanigans :'O)

Thanks a bunch!!!! :O))))!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Basil pls

More miss Basil content PLS


DAMN CILANTRO IS HANDSOME HANDSOME (ā„ ā„ā€¢ā„Ļ‰ā„ā€¢ā„ ā„)


IKRRR omg 


we need a cilantros' route damn (//ā–½//)


hope like this gameplay I really all character they pretty fun and cop looks so pretty hope like video 

is okay i make gameplay of your games ? i really love since this game pretty much fun ! 

Sure, go ahead!


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Ya'll out here making me fall in love with a clown. Pizzaro is too pure I love him so much TwT


this was so creative and i found it so entertaining. 

the storyline was so interesting and odd but i really enjoyed it.


I loved this so much! It made me so happy!


I knew I recognize the artsyle but I gasped when I saw it was actually the Otoge series. Great character design as always. 

This was incredible, just the right combination of nonsense for me, I wouldn't think that the that's where the story was going in the end but it was amazing and you know what? I wouldn't mind an actual deeper dish project  XD. 


Ohoho I'm happy that you recognized me, honk! šŸ¤”

Don't worry, we have big plans for Deeper Dish! šŸ¤”šŸ¤”šŸ¤”




*Cilantro voice* A crime of the highest degree.


Goodness, I never expected what I got out of this game. I love it SO DANG MUCH. This was so well written and paced, I'm so happy I took the time to play this game. I actually had no idea that you/some of you guys were the devs of the Magical Otoge series, but now it makes sense with how much I enjoyed the banter and writing in this game. This game has left me feeling happy and I truly enjoyed every part of it. Same with the art/bg/cg, it was all so beautiful! 

Even in all its ridiculousness, this game still has such a concise, funny, and even emotional story. Do you know how hard that is to do as a writer?! I commend you for your skill of being able to tell such a good story, design super dimensional characters, and make us love the characters so much ALL while nonsense is happening. I love it all.

(The ending made me want more xD I was shocked and excited about deep dish until I saw the fund page's price LOL. I was like dang, don't clown me devs, I REALLY need MOAR.)

Thank you guys for making such a great game!


Aaaa thanks so much, it sounds like you really enjoyed it!!! <3

And don't worry, me and the others have special things planned for the sequel... Stay tuned!!


If Project Deeper Dish dose not get made I'll do the scream forever ;_;

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I didn't know I needed Pizzaro in my life.

But I'll take 3 copies(get it, get it? Clone joke...)

I'll leave...but not without buying the PDF first!


I loved every part of this. Thank you so much for creating such an amazing game! o(TwT)o

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I had a lot of fun playing this game and getting to know the characters. For all it's goofiness, it was still incredibly engaging, and all the characters are lovable. Though Pierro is still best boy. 

Also, as a fellow microbiologist, I was ecstatic to see some microbiology representation. Never thought I'd see a character with this profession, and in an otome of all places. 

Anyway, thank you so much for making this game! It really brightened up my day and put a smile on my face!

Wow another microbiologist!! (Ā°ćƒ­Ā°) ! Glad you liked the game!!!






(damn, that's a line i never thought i'd say in my entire life)

This was a really fun and well-made game for an April Fools! I immediately fell for the art style and all the puns. Puns everywhere. The characters were all likeable too, but Cilantro was just so ridiculous and unabashedly jerky that he quickly became my favorite.

Glad you liked the game! The CEO type wins yet again...

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This is the cutest as well as the dumbest thing I've ever played! The characters were hilarious and Cilantro's pure love for Anne Chovy  (ngl, it took me a while to get over everyone's names) won me over. His ending was too bittersweet tho :(  

Thank you for the hard work you obviously put into this. I laughed lots and this really made my day! 

btw I know it's a joke but I'd be totally willing to back Project Deeper Dish lmao sounds like a great sequel


Thank you, I'm glad you liked it!!

And don't worry, we have some Plans for Deeper Dish... :o)

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here it is i like Anne and pizzaro so much that i ship and hope you like drawing i really worked hard on i hope it looks like them =3 great game!!! and why is cop so pretty and also i playing games for long time i really like all of your games it was much when i was bored at home

This is cute! Thanks so much for the love! <3

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hey it okay i made some fanart for  you i really like this game!! =3

Hi there! Yes, fanart is totally welcome! Glad you liked the game!


Holy moly. This game is one of my favourite visual novels of all time now.. I was up at 2 in the morning trying not to wake up my parents with my laughing. 

The humour is so well done and it really feels like this is a game you all had a great time making. I am for sure going to buy the PDF!!!! 

"Of all time"!! Thank you!

Here's hoping the sequels meet your standards too!


It may be April but this game is definitely no joke.

Terrible, awful puns and lots of refrences but it got balanced beautifully with real heartfelt characters. 

Oh and the art? Just amazing, so slick and pretty and cohesive (where it means to be) 

I had a great time playing this.

Give it a shot!

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Deliciously entertaining. I feel like the game itself is a love letter to the memes and trends of the past decade. 10/10, would clown again.

I wish that the trailer at the end was true, I didn't know I needed more clownery in my life xD loved it all!

The other two creators and I have been throwing around ideas; we'd love to make the sequels one day! ;o)


Loved it, thanks!

i've just finished playing it for the first time and i really enjoyed it, i even cried a little in the end. i'm probably going to buy the pdf art book to support the creators! 


I still can't believe people are actually crying at our clown game, but I'm happy LOL šŸ˜‚šŸ¤”


thank you for this masterpiece

played on twitch with my bro.

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hey! im really interested in playing this but my antivirus is finding an issue with the exe file, is this game safe to play? is there an issue with the files? its the first time it has happened with games i download from itchio so you may wanna look into it?

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Hello, that's a really common problem among Renpy games (it even says that for my computer even though I made it lol), and it's because your computer classifies it as by an unknown developer.

I promise you, I'm not smart enough to program anything malicious into the files.

Examples of more Renpy games having the same problem:


thanks for the info! I wasn't worried about you or anything I mostly trust developers and don't worry about things like that, I was more worried about some unknown third party you know šŸ˜‚ but I'll try the game nonetheless haha thanks for the reply!


I've been getting games off for a long time and only recently made my account. Nearly every game will have that pop-up but I've never had a single issue with anything if that helps :D

i played it already! i have to say im happy i did haha, thanks for your advice!

file "game/extras.rpy" line 137 broke

I couldn't replicate the error but I went ahead and moved some stuff around anyway, so hopefully that fixes the problem!


I didn't know I liked clowns

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