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So ehem.

I love this series so much. I first played this game a few years ago, when I think it was halfway its released date. This game made me cry, scream, laugh, smile and cheer up. SO MUCH FLUFF I KENNOT. It was so amazing that I replayed this a bunch of times. I didn't have an account in the past and was not really aware of the emailing stuff so I couldn't send my screaming and smiling soul towards you lmao, 

And when I discovered that you had another game that was recently released (Magical Otoge Anholly), I immediately set out to play the next one. IT MADE ME CRY MORE THAT MY SISTER QUESTIONED ME. Gosh, Anholly just why QuQ.

I appreciate your efforts in creating these wonderful games, especially when they're free for a poor fellow like me. I want to donate or contribute money to a wonderful artist and creator like you, but not today. When I get a job, I swear I'll pay for this game! All your games are amazing for me, I'm looking back on this post because I swear to God, nostalgia hit me like a truck when I scrolled over my otome games folder XD.

AND I SAW YOUR NEW GAME. I'm seriously struggling with my self-control right now because I don't want to play the demo right now. I want the full release, which I will patiently wait for and because I know it'll be AMAZING. I want to be immersed in the game fully hehehe. Anyway!

Have a great day! Stay happy and smiling. <3


Edit 3: oMygOSH "Top of the morning to you too." IM SHOOKETH I CANT WHAT ArE U YoU DOING TO ME 

Ahh I'm so happy to hear you like my games so much!!! You're playing the updated version of Ciel now right?? I hope you enjoyed it!!!

Also MO Iris probably isn't going to come out for a long time so you might want to consider playing the demo while you wait!! Or maybe save it for a day when you need a laugh? Either way thank you so much for your kind words!! ^o^

I've downloaded every single game you've made that are out because wow you are wonderful at making the characters feel lively and making you want to hug them so much.Your wonderful story telling makes it all so much better too, oh and lets not forget that art and music.The art and music really give it a bigger feel and make me more attached to this game then I am with most games.

In all honesty you're so good at what you are doing and I love this so much.

^___T .....!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much......!!! Your comment really cheered me up!!!!

Loved this game so much! The characters were all amazing, and the story was much deeper than I though it'd be! Definitely will replay sometime later:)

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Played on Steam, came here to say that the game was quite interesting. The story reminded me of  Ragnarok Online and (less) DnD.

Any chance for the other Magical Otoges (I had to google this word after I completed the game to find out that I wasn't the target audience) to appear on Steam? With achievements and "Coffee for the author" DLC (i.e. donations)? Or VNs in different genres (without romance)?

Edit. I meant to say that I liked the game and look forward to your next VN.

Glad you  liked (?) it! I'm not sure if I'll upload more free titles to Steam (since my last experience uploading to Steam was quite a chore).

I do have a couple of stories in mind that don't focus on romance (and I won't make these until... years from now), but most of my VNs are cheesy love stories.


i just finished playing florien's route (i love him, he's great ahAAA--) and wow diD I ENJOY IT. i seriously loved going through the reactions and just. reading it?? like, it's nice to have your choices impact the story but sometimes i just want to read a visual novel without having to worry and overanalyze decisions only for that to go right out the window and end with me searching up a walkthrough bcs i end up on the bad side of, like, every character ;w; so yeh, it was super fun and!! made me feel a lot better and less sick. though i'm still technically sick, but.. oh well!!

there are?? so many things that i liked about this?? it was just. full of fluff and?? happiness? my heart can't take this hnn

good job, seriously !!

Ahh I'm glad you liked it so much!!! T__T;;; I hope you feel better soon!!!

Let me start with some background. I have an autoimmune disease that attacks my bones and joints. I love games but can't hold a mouse, so there aren't many I can play. I found this game, thought it might be easy on my joints, and gave it a try.

I have since played all of it. Every nook and cranny. I loved it. I stayed up all night playing. I made my profile picture on Discord Ciel. I'm looking forward to playing the rest of the series and have found something like 30 other games to try via Itch that are otoge virtual novels. 

Thank you for bringing some joy to my sick room.

I'm sorry I can't donate, all I have is medical bills, but I wanted to let you know how much this game has meant to me.

Best wishes. :)

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Ahhh :'D

I always daydreamed that my silly games would brighten up someone's days, but I didn't expect it to be to this degree. Thank you for playing;;

I'd be happy if we could talk more!!

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Omg I'd be honored!! I sent a request, look for Eirie and a bunch of kanji (though the Ciel pfp might give it away)


This has been on my list forEVER and I've just now played it. Oh my god, why have I waited so long??? Probably because I knew this was going to be amazing. 

First of all, I'd like to say your art style is super cute and fluffy. The whole story was fun and lighthearted and even inspirational in some parts. I've played through all the routes and of course, Yvin was my absolute favorite character - witty puns with sassy deliveries is, apparently, all it takes to make me gush over someone. To be quite honest, I prefered Florien over Anton for some reason and I know I'm in minority here.  Also! All the extra stuff at the end is pure gold, I swear. (Does the king have a tattoo?)

I'm super interested in playing your other games, good job on this one!

I'm glad you liked it! <3

The king has several tattoos.

i just downloaded the game on my iPad but now I don't know how to open it and play it. Help please!!!😭

I don't think this game supports mobile devices! ;u; Perhaps try again on a laptop.

Seems like it only works on computers, laptops, Mac and Apple... So sorry to hear you can't play... 

I haven't even finished my first route and I made an account just to comment... Love this game funny, sweet and a good story!

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This is straight-forward hillarious, sweet and heartwarming, andalso  tearjerking (I cried in each routes, you just have known they had long connected deep bond from their past!). What more could I hope from such an amazing otoge? :)

I started a Let's Play series for a gaming etc channel and I debuted with Magical Otoge Ciel. This is the first episode. There will be 12 total covering the first 3 hours of game. 



Hahahaha, I loved the humor in this game!! Some of my favorite parts.... : 

1. The slimes that go "Bwaa.... B-BWAA! Bwa...bwaaa...."

2. The music whenever Yvin appears in the later game.

3. "Y-yeah, that's me... Florien... The Flirt.
   ... Do... fries come with that shake...?
   Are there any cliffs around here that I could throw myself off of...?"

4. "If you can’t bring yourself to be honest to Ciel
   I’ll have a blimp fly out with a screen that says, ‘Florien has a huge crush on Ciel!
   And it’ll release flyers with a heart around a romantic portrait of you two, drawn by yours truly. 
   And it’ll blast the song, ‘Kiss the G—"

5. The "Other Ghosts" in the haunted house, and especially "Other Ghosts Except Steve."

The backgrounds were beautiful, and the music suited the story very well. Anton was my favorite by a sliver--poor Florien was a bit too shy for my tastes, and Yvin a bit too suave. I especially loved how lighthearted but yet touching the whole game was. 

The only things I thought could be improved were how the characters were drawn slightly too lightly (so that their features were a bit harder to make out) and the fact that there were too few CGs (even though we know they take a lot of time). 

All in all, though, great game!! Thank you :D

such a nice story <3 loved it so many feels at least this one didn't make me cry(you know which game of yours did >.> you cruel beautiful potato <3 ) i loved Yvin the most in this story !! he's just such a sweet cheeky stalker of a human/if he is human hmmmm lol <3 ^-^ 



I just finished (FINALLY) playing all the routes in Magical Otoge Ciel and I gotta say, I had a really good laugh while playing this game! I'm super grateful that I found this game on Steam, decided to download it mainly because of your beautiful art (in which I really adore) and the description. 

I completed Florien > Anton > Yvin route and I was quite disappointed that Yvin's route was short but hey I understood that he wasn't suppose to be there, so it's okay, I'm glad you decided to put him in the game because I was so happy. How did you even think of all those witty dialogues and puns?????? I'm so down for it I cried laughing, Especially his part while meeting the King. His remarks was what makes the scene a whole lot funnier!

I absolutely love the dinner extra too. Of course out of the three character Anton > Yvin > Florien when actually it's more like Anton VS Yvin because if Anton + Yvin is like my dream man HAHAHAH okay. Florien is indeed precious don't be sad kid. I still love you.

I just can't - I really love this game like it really made me clutch my heart a lot of times esp on Anton's and Yvin's route because I'm being bias ugh but really. The whole story is A++. I had so much fun. Every dialogues, lines are funny and witty. Thank you so much for taking your time to make this and bless you for your kindness. I really love the stories. I am going to play your other two VNs! I'm glad I'm on the right track because I found MO Ciel first. Again, thank you so much!!!

Also, I forgot to add that I certainly LOVE the characters! They are all so beautiful T___T so perfect. Oh dear.

Anton is pretty cold

Anton is pretty cold


I loved it! Anton's route was so...sad..? Well, I laughed too much at Florien and Yvin. Florien's route was so cute!...and funny. I haven't had time for Yvin's route..YET. Ima go check out your other games.



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This may sound weird, but the language use in this game is so... Japanese-y. As if it were translated from Japanese, as opposed to originally written in English. Or perhaps just written by someone who plays a lot of JRPGs but never reads regular English novels? Was it a deliberate choice to evoke a sort of cheesy otome game aesthetic, or was it subconscious? It adds to the effect, don't get me wrong, but it would sound ragingly unnatural as English dialogue.

As a professional manga translator, this game is giving me so many confusing feelings. I'm not sure I want this style of writing to be a thing. But maybe it should be a thing. Is this what weeaboos want, now? I don't know. I don't know how to feel about this.

Either you're a deep-level weeaboo, a Japanese person who immigrated to an English-speaking country around middle school and is now bilingual, or a genius-level writer who did it all deliberately and consciously. I just totally have no idea which.

I agree, I have some awkward lines in there. My language skills are probably deteriorating from my lack of social contact after holing myself up to make stuff like this. I think I'm at the self-aware weeaboo phase of my life, but obviously not self aware to not let it slip up in my writing. Thanks for feedback; I'll try to improve!

Hehehehe. :) Hello fellow Dragonquest lover. I nearly squee'd out loud when I saw a slime pop up...and groan with the slime puns... but SO GOOD.

Love. It. THANK YOU.

Yep,totally in heaven right now!

You have inspired me to make my own visual novels! :)

(P.S Do u know any software that can help beginners like me?I would totally appreciate it if you could spare time and reply to this comment)



Thanks! The upcoming Visual Novel Maker is very user-friendly

OMG!!! SENPAI NOTICED ME !! If you dont mind me asking could tou answer these:

1)Why did you start making visual novels?

2)Were you inspired by anyone?

3)Could you tell me the secret of your awesomeness

4 and the final one)What software do you use senpai?


No problem, I try to get to people who have genuine questions ^p^

1) Because I love telling my stories and showing off my characters! It makes me even happier when people enjoy what I've sincerely made.

2) Not really "someone," but various stories and games like Chrono Cross and Legend of Mana really impacted me when I was younger.

3) Get ready for a boring answer: hard work and perseverance ^p^

4) Right now I use ren'py.



I've been spending the past day playing this and Anholly's story I cri evritiem and I can't wait for Iris and Melanie !!!!!

Fav character in this is probably the statue in the room of liars heheh oh and the king's backstory.... I need to know everything pls tell me

Thanks! For my Sad Dad King Johannes, if you dig through my, you'll find some answers I've made that goes more into his backstory and past!!! I love him.

Hi! Does take PayPal or card? I'm so interested in your games but I don't want to download/play them without supporting you! I've never been able to get PayPal to work properly with my bank, but I can definitely try it again! (I stayed up late last night looking at the pictures and synopses of your games and I can't wait to play them ;A; )

Right now, my games are set up to accept both/either Paypal or card! Thanks for the support, but don't worry so much! Just in case it turns out you hate my game, it might be better to play it first, haha! The option to donate won't disappear

Oh okay! That's good to know! I'll let you know what I think of it! ^^ I love romance and puns in general, so these sound right up my alley hehe.

I started with Anton since I like quiet, sweet types... didn't regret it one bit! I'm excited to play through Florien and Yvin's routes now ^^ I hope you accept the donation and my comments as thanks for making such a great game! I saw Iris first and absolutely fell in love with your art, but then I clicked on your page and saw that you recommended playing Ciel first so I was like :OOO Anyway, I'm definitely going to check out Anholly and your Iris demo after playing the rest of this game.

The puns had me cracking up a lot. My boyfriend was playing on the Xbox and I was at the desk a few feet away, and he would hear me laugh and say something like, "Man, you're really enjoying yourself, aren't you?" I probably looked/sounded like a crazy person for the better half of my playthrough, haha.

Thanks for this! Sometimes all you need in life is a bit of fluffy comedy that's littered with pretty men... right?

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for the support! I hope you'll enjoy my other work, too! Iris is definitely going to be one of the best things I'll ever make!

Hi! Just to let you know that I really liked your game! The art and the script together were perfect in my opinion! I will also play the other game of the serie! Altough my original language is French (yeah, I'm really bad at writting in English so if you don't understand, it's ok! ), I was able to read trough it pretty easily (and since I'm better at reading than writting) !

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Thanks for taking the effort to write to me! I hope you enjoy my other games,

I've played this game from it's Steam release, and I'm delighted to see you made more games. I'll play the other titles as soon as I can!

To get back to the point, I really love this game. It's short and straighforward, but it doesn't need anything more, to be honest. The characters look gorgeous and they are overall lovely personality wise too. I think Anton is my favorite, but Yvin's story made me cry so much.

Not to mention the CGs wich are gorgeous too, and the cute and lighthearted humor.

Thank you for making this little gem!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the others just as much, too!

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I'm kind of hoping that you'll one day make the story of June and Xiu into a visual novel. They just seem so charming!

Loved this game, by the way! I haven't played the other Magical series, but I think I'll like them all!

Thank you! I'm planning on making June and Xiu's story once I'm finished with Magical Otoge!

Whoa, the Magical Otoge isn't finished yet? There's more to come? Oh, I can't wait!

agh, it's 3am and tomorrow I have classes, whyyy?! I just found your game and saw your beautiful drawings, I will play it as soon as I can, it looks sooo cool > v <

I hope I have enough time tomorrow at night at least (⁄>⁄ ⁄▽⁄ ⁄<⁄)❤ the pic's are so beautiful <3<3<3

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I love you, okay? I absolutely love your puns. They're downright beautiful. I adore your characters. The slime monsters are just soo cute. I'm really, really, really glad you made this game and that, by some miraculous coincidence in this chaotic universe that I stumbled across it and made the decision to play it. Thank you so much for contributing to the fun times of my life. I love you.

P.S. Not that it matters, but do you really have glasses?


Thank you for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! And yes, of course I have glasses!

Deleted post

I've been playing this for 7 hours, I regret NOTHING! The puns, omg, the puns!! I'll gonna spend all my weekend playing the other ones for sure!

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Your games are amazing! I played Magical Otoge Ciel and it was awesome (I'm rotting for Yvin especially, and ten Florien XD)

gotta go try playing the magical otoge anholly too

The game was beautiful overall, good job! My first game that I played that was made of you was the Anholly one it was good too.


This game was very funny as well and I loved the artstyle!

I just wanna ask how I could get the very last picture though..I've already been through every route, but it's still locked :/

Anyways, good job. I'm looking forward to the games you'll be making in the future!

Thank you for playing! The last picture is unlocked by going to the Author's Note from the Extras!

I love this game! I sat here for 5-6 hours straight to read this. No. Freaking. Regrets. (Who needs sleep, anyways?) Graphics, pictures, music, everything is just amazing.

Although my favorite route was Anton because of the story and plot twist, (was it really a plot twist? I dunno, my vocabulary is just really small) my favorite character was Yvin. He made things a bit more interesting, and his route was really punny! I'll... stop... But if that really was your "Inner Sass", then you're probably awesome af. I can't wait to play the other two games. (I think it was almost a miracle that I saw this one first.)

Thanks! I hope you enjoy my other games just as much. I'm the only writer, so the sass is definitely coming from somewhere.

Okay, so, I actually got this game a few months back, but finally sat down to play it tonight. Let me just say--it's amazing! I laughed pretty continuously, which is always a good thing! (I relate slightly to Yvin, so...) The characters look fantastic, absolutely incredible, and the plot is cute, too. It may sound odd, but I think my favourite parts were with the story teller. Those scenes were different, almost softer, and I truly loved them. I think if you ever made a game (of any sort) along those lines, it would become my new favourite!

Even if you never do, though, this is definitely one I'll be playing again and again. With pretty music, amazing design, and a cute story to boot (with a sense of humour that actually had be dying of laughter at one point, and I'm literally laughing just thinking about it), it is a game worth it. You did an amazing job and I look forward to playing your other games, and even just replaying this one! Thank you!

I'm glad you liked it! If you this game a few months ago, I hope you have and played the latest updated version with all the new content! I hope you like my other games just as much.

This was so ridiculously cute! And it totally deserved more than $1 I ponied up for this game so went and splurged on the next one as thanks. :D

Wow, thank you very much! I feel a bit guilty since Anholly's game is significantly shorter and contained than this one, but the Magical Otoge Iris demo is out too, so maybe that will make things feel more fulfilling (the demo is quite long, around 2 hours). I hope you enjoy that as well! :-)

Stayed up until 6am this morning playing through all the routes and I only somewhat regret it (so so tired). I love all of the characters, including the ghosts and punny wood sprite. I wouldn't mind a game where it's just Yvin and Florien being forced to go on an adventure together (maybe add some ghosts for extra fun). This series is definitely going on my favorite games list!

I just saw Anholly and now I can't wait to play it!


Okay so when the scene about Florien being a "big flirt" just happened, i could NOT stop laughing and that's troubling me because it just so happens to be 5:40am and my parents are asleep..... yes i stayed up all night playing games like these xD worth it! Will Ais have a route? P.S. love that art style.. cant wait to play Anholly<3

(i love all these puns omg this game is so perfect and i havent even finished a route xD


I'm glad you enjoy my work! Ais will not have a route unless someone bribes me handsomely someday.

Wait...who's Ais already? I've got a bad feeling that he's the sweet Magician or Prince we meet in a city... The one I went heels over head about and fatefully ended up pinning after for the rest of the long story, until pretending to be interest in the others guys became too hard and I had to quite playing. 


No I'm not crazy. 

But really, I vaguely remember this game for (the brilliant and bold jokes—even if Yvin's were a bit over the top and it didn't make his character very very strong); ahem. For the poor lovely slimes—wait no, I mean for that side romanceable character with whom it was fated never to work be. I mean...if they can't tag along or have a real in-game thingie, why make the MC meet them? That's a bit cruel, author...   X,)

Saw this on here and I redownloaded the game so I can hear the new music!! I checked my files and saw that I first downloaded in October last year (Has it been that long already?!). I love the writing, and adore the art style! The puns, the humor, ugh. So good. And it's free to play?! We don't deserve this amazingness ahh Thank you so much for such an amazing game!! (In case there's some sort of poll going on, my fav is yvin HAHA)


Thank you! People like you who appreciate my work make it all worth it in the end! I hope you enjoy my future games just as much!

To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical at the beginning if I should play this game. But now that I've played it, I DO NOT REGRET A SINGLE THING. This is simply one of the most amazing game I have played! (and the first one who gave me A LOT of laughs--especially with Yvin and Florien.)

I especially liked the scenes in Ven's dungeon, especially on Anton's route. And I just want to thank you for making this game wonderful. I think it's now a part of my life, in otome life anyway.

P.S. I have read one of your replies where it says "I'm glad you liked it! But I didn't leave out an Ais route because of time constraints; it's because I want people to suffer <3"-----believe me, YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL IN MAKING ME SUFFER.

Another P.S. I really love that background music whenever Marchen is around. Can you tell me what it's called? please please please?

I'm glad you liked it, and hope you enjoy my other and upcoming games, too. I've uploaded the song I think you were talking about

Oh my gosh! This is really the song! Thank you!!!!! *hugs* *hugs again*

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