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Omggg this is a throwback!! I remember playing this as a teen years ago when it was announced on your Twitter. Glad to see that you're still creating otome games!!

👵And I was a teen back when I made this... ((cringe))... LOL 😭

My newer stuff will definitely be better, so I hope you check that out too!! :D


When I first played this many years ago, I don't remember there being an Yvin. I will have to replay for him.


Maybe he was always there and my memory just sucks, but I will replay regardless

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"Ais is the hot side character, so of course it's okay."

- I mean... he is ikemen type. And he's a good homie to be with. Bromance is understandable. But this only one option for me felt like that scene in Gekkan Shojou Nozaki-kun where Tomoda is only the one for MC. Hahahaha.

Will tell a review later!

The review later:

- Cool game. Writing is also beyond good. Story-wise, I 'm not really into romance, more on to mysteries tbh, but I like the puns! They are really funny. Also 4th wall breaking.

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I played halfway through Ciel and the first tenth of Aholly. 
I mean to fill a reclamation!

First, how comes there is no polyamor routes? These two knights are impossible to chose between, and seeing them turn jealous of each other was torture... (wait, I said "the two" didn't I? Sorry. make that three: Anton, Florian, and Ai AND DON'T TELL ME TAHT'S NOT POSSIBLE lalala I don't wnat ot hear it. I co-ship them all four together and it's reality and you can't change it. ><

(I read a few comments and it seems that Yvin is a favorite and Florian the least popular .... HERESyyy... Actually, I was agonizing all over Yvin moments wondering where my hare- Imean my friends, had gone at the time; am really not a fan of the Yvin-type neither in frienship nor in romance. So I'm glad you made Florian. Thank you!

...But. The polyamor route. ><
I really really would be grateful for an option to keep all three happy and closely knit. 
I mean having best friends torn up in a rivalry and then one of the two abandoned behind... this is cruel to the player...why did the guy who made the Moon Obervatory create these umberably cute and twisted worlds? The cuteness actually build on the psychological horror after we see what happens and how everyone seems resigned and placid about the cruelty...brrr)

Also, since the plot is linear, at some point, we have to put up with other characters advances whether we like them or not, while our babies are in danger or worrying over us! Naowy Ma'am! This is unacceptable, so here i come! To fill a request.
And to throw a tantrum. A polite tantrum. But one nonetheless. (But don't take this too seriously ;)

These worlds seems so pure and lovable and them some foul character come and introduce perversion, and from then one, even the gorgeous designs can't prevent the taint to remain on the experience, I...
I was looking for fluff and comfort, and ma not sure the series are for me. And it's very very difficult because the georgous art and adrogynous MC and guys I just can't

no offense but i'd like to know why the name changed?

does that mean there will be new stuff?

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anton kiss cg where, batensan

you can't deprive me forever +_+

But in all seriousness, this was an amazing game. The storyline was perfectly paced and I loved every single part of it - none of it felt forced or rushed or anything. Amazing work - I'll be sure to check out your other games! :)


A few months ago I finally got a laptop of my own, and your games have been on my to play list for so long haha ~ I'm finally working through, starting with Ciel. I just finished Florien's route! I really love it so far and I am looking forward to reading more of Ciel and the rest of your games ^^ I absolutely love your fantasy aesthetics and the story is lovely too ~


Thank you so much!! Hope you enjoy them till the end!! T__T <3


When I got my first computer, this was one of the two games I downloaded first. I didn't realize how much this game influenced my way of speaking and humor, but it really did. It's a beautiful game and the characters and their interactions are well written and also pretty fun? I especially love watching Florien and Yvin interact. Comedy gold, those two. 


!!! That's so sweet to hear aaa :'D I hope you enjoy MO's future games as well!

I knew it was the right choice to make it relatively kid-friendly

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Anybody have issues opening the game on Mac and manage to figure it out? After I approve the initial pop-up asking if I want to open an app downloaded off the internet, nothing ever happens. It just won't start. Never shows up in the dock or anything. I've redownloaded to no avail--am I missing a step or something?

Edit: Never was able to get it to run normally, despite not having issues with any other games off this site, but I had forgotten there was an itch app. Installing and running it through there worked. Leaving this comment in case anyone else is stuck.


So, I love you?

For real though, thanks for the workaround - I hadn't considered it.


Loooooooove this game <3 so pure, so sweet. Had a smile on my face like 75% of the time. Laughed so much at the haunted house and dungeon scenes. Love these characters, and the art is lovely. Glad I finally played this! :) 


I first played MO Ciel around 4 years ago... Yvin will always be my favorite! Can't wait to redownload and laugh with the characters again. 


Hello... I saw your game played by someone on youtube and I think the game is interesting... so I want to know... Is it alright if I do a game (live) streaming with this game? Of course I'll credit you... (and sorry for my bad english)

Hello!! Yes, of course it's okay~! Have fun!

And don't worry, your English is great!!

Thank you!!! ヽ(´▽`)/

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I really liked this game, especially with the jokes, I liked the part where Yvin is just roasting the poor ghost lmao, I never laughed so hard in any visual novels lol, I thought this will be a serious visual novel at first but I really liked this, looking forward to your other games.


Thanks so much, I'm glad you liked it!!! Enjoy my other ones! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و


When i first saw this game my face turn into 😐 to 😳

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Hi batensan, I happened to stumble on your games and am really excited to play them. Is there any order to play the games or are they stand-alone games in the same universe? Also, I heard you are making a paid game soon (MO Iris I think) and I was wondering if you released any news or sneak-peaks of it or an official trailer? any particular route order? Walkthrough?  Also, are there more games you will add to the series (paid or free.) I am excited to play even though I am late to the party lol.


Hellooo, there isn't really a play order, but generally I would recommend oldest to newest, which is listed on my front itch io page!

All MO games take place in the same universe, but they're all stand-alones!

MO Iris will be paid yes, and has a demo out, if you count that as a sneak peek! I would recommend Rieffe or Lanneis > Reqieu > Septem.

The game won't need a walkthrough, since it should be very straightforward!

From hereon, most of my games will be paid, except maybe the clown one? I hope you enjoy all of them!


Ok, sounds great! Feeling excited for Mo Iris and the paid games as well!


Hey! the game is SO good the story


Thank you!! <3


Hi batensan, I'm reading through some of the comments on this page and they made me smile :) I also first played this game a few years ago and loved it so much. I messaged you raving about it on tumblr I think back in the day? Idk I don't use it anymore LOL. but I'm getting back into visual novels again and remembered your games in particular as being some of my favorites, which is why I'm here to re-download them and hope that I forgot a lot of the plot points so I can relive them again :-) you're awesome and hope life is treating you well!


!! Thanks so much for remembering MO even through all these years!!! T__T

I hope you're doing well too! :D Make sure to play the clown game as well--!



but also, Ais romance path when


Thank you~!! It is a mystery...


In fairness, I probably shouldn't be into someone solely on the basis on whether they can Aladdin me on the first date


i played this game sooo many years ago, 4 or 5 years maybe? but i think it was the very first otome game i played on itch io! this game will always have a special place in my heart (T~T)

i also played all of your other games and i remember liking the art you posted of ciel and anton as well! :D

it's been so long and i finally decided to make an itch io account, i wish i made an account back then so i could post a proper review of my feelings on this game but have this little thing;


i used to replay this game multiple times back then, and i even remember screenshotting many pics of the game because it was just so pretty, haha! i also remember recomending this game to all of my friends, fun times.

i remember very clearly what i thought of all the characters:

yvin first caught my eye and i was so excited to try his route! i played florian first and thought he was very sweet but i was very eager to try yvin's route! i really enjoyed yvin's route and thought that he would be my ultimate favourite..

but holy smokes, anton's route was good! it was such a good idea to play his route last- i was utterly shocked, he didn't really catch my eye, but after playing his route- i was in disbelief? it was so good? and so sad (T~T) i don't know how i would be able to choose between yvin and anton!

but anyways, i loved this game!! i missed the characters and i will definitely replay it, i just had to write this first!

!!! Thank you for remembering this silly game, even this far into the future!! It really is wild/heartwarming to me asjlfhslhfs--

I hope you enjoy my future games just as much! :D I'm excited to show them off!

This game is comedy gold. I have never wheezed so much while playing a visual novel. I love it.

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! <3

I love this game! It makes me a little sad that Florian is the least favorite though.. more for me I guess! I like how cute and sweet he is. I liked the others but Anton can be annoyingly dense and Yvin.. I'm not sure really, but I felt like I liked Florian more since he liked me in all the other routes. I know I'm years late to this game, but better late than never! So glad I found it! so far I played Magical Otoge Antony as well! Can't wait for the next game! :)


This is so darling!! Haha, And I'm such a Yvin girl. I started playing and was like "I have to finish someone else's route first?!" and the whole time I was doing Anton's route, I was just waiting for Yvin to show up. haha. It's so lovely and happy and just what I needed for a cheer-up.

Thank you!! I'm glad you liked it! :D


Oh. My. God. 

I went into this blind without any clue of anything whatsoever and I was blown away by the sheer warmth this game gave off! My heart melted so much and I can't help but laugh in joy when I completed this game. All routes were <3 My favorite one tho, is Yvin's. sooo adorable!!! 

This was so beautiful! Thank you so very much!

Thank you so much, and welcome to Magical Otoge! :D

I hope you enjoy the other games as well! ^o^ 💗

Yes, for sure! <3

Hey! the game is SO good the story is sooo captivating.artstyle is beatiful! just some anatomy mistakes sometimes but other than that it's amazing! if your need any help whit the graphis you can dm me on discord :D

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This game really made me laugh so much, I love everything, the art, the story, oh... I am speechless... the sweet Florien is my favorite character then the charming Yvin and the serious Anton.

firstly, i must say that the scenes with yvin talking to the ghosts in the haunted house were hilarious. i loved how enthusiastically impressed they were with yvin. i seriously can't choose a favourite character out of the four, including ais. wishing i was ciel rn ngl. i'll definitely have to check out the rest of your games!! thank you so much for making this :')


Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it! <3

And make sure not to skip out on Pizzaro Project Deep Dish, a game released just 2 days ago! (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و

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You deserve some sort of award. thank you for making these, and the digital arts on deviant arts. but, i just like Ais too much, too bad he ain't a route, now imma cri, not in the corner, instead on the center so everyone sees. :>  i downloaded every game you made, i hope that's enough of showing how grateful i am that you exist.
-A fan (like a really, big, fat one-, hecc what am i saying..i slim..uh, imma disown myself now.

I'm glad you liked it so much! I hope you enjoy what I have in store, too ^p^

I will, i have nothing to do here anyways since the quarantine...well, stay safe. <3


This game really made me laugh. I also got feels ahhh

Thank you so much for making this game! The art and story are lovely <3

I really can't wait to play your next game! Looking forward to it

Thank you so much for replaying!! T__T I hope you like Iris just as much!

The last time I played this game was years ago.... 

I replayed Yvin's route first because I love him but I'm afraid now I can't do the other routes ;-;

lol the struggle is real

Deleted 3 years ago

Aaah I'm glad you liked it so much!!! T__T Sorry to make you cry but also... Yesss....!!

Finally I finished this game XDD Really love Anton~ Looking forward for another sequel of Magical Otoge series~

I just replayed this after having played it for the first time a few years ago, and I still love it!! I look forward to seeing what you do in the future!!

Ahh thank you so much for replaying!! T___T I'll try my best to make Iris even better!!!

i just finished all 3 routes at one go and!!!1!1111!11!!! its so cute ;w;<33 florien my child- he sUCKS at puns but its adorable... uwu. anton's just- the only 'sane' one out of the four aksdjnfkf and yvin is just too witty and fun to dislike ;w;<3. AND CIEL IS SO PRECIOUS TOO UWU. please protecc her at all costs ;w;<3

I'm glad you liked it!! <3

Hi! I've been playing your first (i think) game and now I tried downloading this one as well, but even after doing the same steps as the last game I can't play it because it keeps asking "is it missing?". I simply LOVED your game and was very exited for this one, so please help me if you can.

It worked now, just realised I had to let in the folder for it to open. I played and loved it just like the other one, great job!

You are really talented!!! and I love Florien the most he's a cinnamon roll!!! <3

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I want to be Yvin when I grown up holy fuck what a husband-material

Florien still my favorite though-

And gOD- I almost died from de "Yeah... that's me... Florien the flirt" thing, all the jokes in the game are wonderful, the ghosts, Yvin exIstINg, etc, thanks for making me laugh :D even if I laugh about everything it was really funny and cute, I'll do Anton's route someday (I like him but he isn't the type of character who is my first choice in a vn)

Nice game!! I love it!

Hey There. I am completely and utterly in love with your game and decided to do a Let's Play of it on YouTube to make more people in love with it. It is a 'no commentary' play-through. Here is my first episode! 

Your games make my day. Honestly, they're amazing. Keep up the great work!

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