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(Finally able to express my thoughts on this game,couldn't before)To start of; story,art,humor is on point.I actually felt compassion for these characters (that I've only played overnight) especially anholly and seihou 's deaths.Looking forward to the rest of your series Batensan ^^ !!

I just don't know what to say... it's too amazing

I really love it, story, art work, everything is too awesome! I can't wait for Magical Otoge Melanie! Great job!

I loved it! The ghosts from the last game

Thanks for making me cry...

I agree. I cried and after i saw them in after life =)


ah this made me cry... great story Batensan!


My feels...Where are they...

Will Magical Otoge Melanie be released after Iris? :O I seriously cannot wait for either to be released! This is by far one of the best visual novels that i've played

Thank you! I'm not too sure as to what will happen, but yes, at the moment I'm planning for MO Melanie to be released after Iris.

This otome had to be tragedy :'((

I loved it nonetheless, thank you for making this amazing game!!!

Hey! For those wanting to see it, here's a small play through of the beginning of this game! :) I have to say a huge thanks to batensan! Well done too, it's a very stunning game, both visually and audibly! :) I really appreciate your support guys! :)

AAAH my heart! I just finished this game the FEELS I'm so sad but so happy this was beautiful!!!!!! batensan you are truly an artist can't wait for magical otoge Melanie!!!!!!!

the art work looks awesome, did you do it yourself?.

I loved everything!! the art work, the music, the story... which makes me yarn even more for the secuel!! XD but I´ll wait, because I know those things need It´s time... I just have one question...

What about the dog?!!! something about him seems odd.... I know you said ind the autor´s note not to worry... but... I reaaally want to know XP

HD will be explained much more in the sequel, Magical Otoge Melanie. :)

Awww, this bitter sweet story is nice too...

At first sorry for my bad english, i hope you can understand what i'm gonna say

For the guy, i like Seihuo a lot, the way he act, the way he thinking and a specialy when he try make joke and get jealous, event with slime XD.

I appreciate it when you bring the ghose back, and that spotlight remind me when Anton make a joke.

You know, i'm really comfortable playing your games, because i don't need to worry about bad ending. I like the way you make conversation flow. Thats not too pushy for make something come out. The character is fine, but need to make more gap difference, like previous game, thats what i think fel free to make your style :). And I love your art style

thnaks for making this game and i'll waiting for your next game ;)

Thanks for taking the time to message me! Don't worry, your English is fine.

I'm glad you enjoy my work! But I want to make it clear that I don't make characters for the audience; I do it for myself and my own sake, so telling me what kind of characters to make unfortunately won't make a difference in what I do! Thank you for understanding.

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I'm glad my english is fine.

Oh, don't worry i'm understanding it, because i love your work over all XD. Beside people sure have they style indeed. You're a good writer and artist. I'll waiting for the next MO, I wish you always healthy dan happy.

I had a really hard time keeping my poker face at place. Art is superb, reminds me strongly of Takarai Rihito and I love her style. When it comes to story... Ah, just as good. What else is to be told about that. I can't wait for more of your creations! Enjoy both the compliments and the donation. <3

WAHH- No Riov route--- I'm gonna blow the--

That aside, this game was very beautiful and colorful in so many ways, I'm actually satisfied with this bitter sweet outcome, (no I'm not, where's Riov), And I wish you luck on the sequel! ^3^ I'd be sure to play it, haha. The music- the art- I feel like I could die happy.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! Anholly's actions after the end of the game are supposed to be a bit ambiguous so I dunno, if you want to say that she waits for Riov, you can ;O There's your Riov route.

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AHHHHH!!!!!!........I...I'm not even sure what to say....*sniff*....It was just so many emotions at once, and literally my very first reaction was,"Seihou? Umm....can i marry you now please?" I honestly fell in love with the story as I took this freaking emotionally challenging journy and literally was like, "done" at the scene where Anholly was holding Riov's hands and Seihou actually was jealous! I actually sat there like, "Oh my God! He's actually jealous? I'm done.....I'm done....nope i'm just done...." (But in a good way)

It was a very sweet game and the ending caught me off guard quite a bit. My only wish is that you would have done more with the "Because I love you" line in the end there, and my only hope is that we get to see Anholly and Seihou again, and I don't just mean their reincarnates. I love your work and in MO Ciel I particularly fell in love with Yvin and I honestly have to say that his ghost scene in the main paths was brilliant! Anyway I just have to say that I adore your work and I can't wait to see the next installment to the MO series though my trust for you rests precariously atop a tree branch and if your not careful Ven might just pull it out of said tree. Haha but seriously keep doing what you're doing and "No but's. Never but's."

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the game and Seihuo so much! Seihuo isn't much for theatrics so his confession was intentionally very short, as it's staying in character. But he has no problem reiterating his feelings as many times as needed ;)

And don't worry, in Magical Otoge Melanie, there's going to be an extra where Anholly and Seihuo cook together! It'll be fun!

And you shouldn't trust a villain like me, heheh!

No problem! I really do adore your work, and I'm happy to hear that Seihou and Anholly aren't "gone for good" so to speak. Plus isn't trusting the villain way more fun than following the hero? lol

Other ghosts except Steve: SICK GAME BRO!!!

I absolutely adore your games! I'd dare to say they're one of the best ones I've ever played with awesome plot and great characters. I'm playing this game right now and I love it as much as Ciel. Keep up the great work!

I loved this so much, the art style. the story line, everything. It was beautiful! Please keep creating such amazing work!


This is so amazing on so many levels: art, music, puns, story and the characters are lovely and deeply constructed as Magical Otoge Ciel before this (the little connections made me feel so smart and involved). Thank you so much and keep up the wonderful work! :)

Thank you! I'm glad people remember Magical Otoge Ciel enough to realize the connections, haha! There are a ton of connections with Magical Otoge Melanie coming up, so I hope you enjoy those, too!


i really loved this one, made me feel so many things ;;;; i think i went through all range of reactions between viking-like-laughter (the scene with ghosts i swear) to Totally Having Something In Eye Please Leave Me Alone... anyways, everyone was so precious and good, i feel like i have a rainbow in my heart... or something...

oh, an i gotta mention, i really really really love your art, you are amazing both as a writer and as an artist...! (and your puns are great please never stop)

thank you very much for making this game, i adore your work! i cant wait for next magical otoge.

Viking-like laughter!!! Thank you so much, haha! Thank you for your kind message and support! <3 I'll die before these puns do.

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