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I'm only halfway through, but I felt obligated to let you know that the comedic moments in this game have me snickering uncontrollably.

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I'm glad especially since it's an old game and I always worry if it doesn't age well!! 😭✌️


Rest assured, it's still great! I hadn't realized how old it was until after finishing.

What is the recommended playthrough of your games?


Ciel > Anholly > Iris

But if you want to start with the most polished, recent game, you can always start with Iris first!

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Enjoyed it a lot! Great work!


I loved this!! I know it's not as happy as Magical Otoge Ciel, but it's so sweet and pure that I still somehow felt happy after playing it. The writing is incredible to have been able to evoke that despite the bittersweet ending. I think I felt happy to be able to witness these characters' pure love for each other. Oh and I absolutely love the humorous parts, I literally laughed out loud. Loved the art of course. Short, bittersweet, and an absolutely beautiful experience <3


(╥﹏╥) Thank you so much...! This is an old game, but I'm glad you liked it!

I noticed you got Iris! I hope you enjoy that one even more! :D


I'm enjoying it so far!!! :) thanks for all your hard work <3 


I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

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Congratulations on successfully making me bawl my eyes out. This game was so sweet and amazing. The ending did dampen my throbbing heart that just cries for the characters. How dare you deceive me with such an innocent and heartwarming game cover? Though this game is heart-wrenching and carries a pretty heavy tone to it, I wouldn't have asked for anything else. This is truly a heart-wrenching masterpiece. Hope to see more of your work in the future. Your Magical Otoge series is amazing so far, and I hope it stays that way. Good luck on your future projects. <3


ヽ(>∀<☆)ノThanks so much!!! Wehehe, I have a lot more in store for you!!

MO Iris is just a month or two away from completion!! Hope to see you there!!!

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That's amazing to hear! Your Magical Otoge Iris was the second project of yours that I tried out. First was Pizzaro Project Deep Dish (though that game includes two others too). Both games are amazing! I'm on my way to finish Magical Otoge Ciel (even thought it was supposed to be finished first ;-;). Your works are so amazing! And I surely can't wait to see more from you!

Have a nice day/night. <3


Okay so-- I first played MO Ciel when I was still in middle school (i'm in college now haha) and if I'm not mistaken only the demo for MO Anholly was out and ever since then I've been thinking about those games often, they're still a favourite of mine and probably will always be. So today I finally played MO Anholly and I cried my eyes out. Seriously. They're still swollen from all the tears. This ending is of a very painful beauty and the author's notes were just the final hit in my heart (and poor little Riov...). You're really an amazing, talented creator and this game was amazing, but I will riot if Seihuo and Anholly (well Shisui and Melanie) don't end up together in that game. This was incredible, I really can't get over it. I am so so looking forward your next games ! I wish you all the best for your projects and for this upcoming year, and thank you for this amazing, heart-wrenching piece of art. Really.


Thanks so much~! ( ´ ∀ `)ノ~ ♡

MO Anholly never had a demo since it's so short! I hope you'll stick with me and the characters for all the future adventures until the very end!!! (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و


Oh ! Then it might have just been me only playing the beginning lol 
I think your games marked my soul too much for me not to <3  

(+1) asked me to comment so ty for this game baten its vv good and it made me cry ~Reese

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hhhh I'm still thinking about this game MONTHS after playing so I'm obliged to comment

I played the Magical Otoge series chronologically so I tried this after MO Ciel ((MO Ciel was light-hearted and fluffy so this should also be a cute, happy stories featuring handsome 2d boys right????)) haha..ha I was so wrong this HURTED </3 TT damn you game creator it made me cry so much at 2am,, not just because the lore is so well-written for quite a short story but the characters' bonds are so beautiful..! It's extra touching as its sadness is in a slice-of-life kinda setting which always gets to me ;~; Seihuo is an unexpected fav(!!) he's outwardly prickly but considerate in his own way it's So Sweet!!!!

Downloaded for pretty art and cute moments with handsome 2d boys but got my heart broken :')) Anholly is such a sweet girl and her loneliness feels relatable, I really like how she's designed as a character

<spoilers> you did not have to add that last part about reincarnation. why. it was so sad i was bawling. if the other parts did not hit me in the feels already, that was the final blow U_T

Anyways, kudos to batensan for making this all on their own !! (i might be wrong) the art is so beautifulll :>


I'm glad you liked it so much~~ T__T It means so much that the game stayed with you even months after!!!! (ಥ﹏ಥ)

The last part will come back into play one day!! Just you wait... \(★ω★)/ I hope you stick around to see the rest of the MO journey and where it leads!


i love this game and when is Magical Otoge Melanie come out


I'll make Melanie some time after Iris! Maybe in... a few years... T__T


Whaaaaaaa-I immediately downloaded this after Ciel and was ready for some more heartfelt fluffiness and and and- ugh this was beautiful as well. Thank you author-chan <3

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  First off, oh my God. Honestly, I downloaded this not knowing what I'm walking into as I haven't read the synopsis prior to playing this. I just expected that this would be beautiful just like Magical Otoge Ciel, even if it has been a long, long, long while since I've played the latter. Anholly totally didn't disappoint. 

  As I've progressed through the narrative, the game felt pure and simple in it's play of being melancholic, unlike what I am used to nowadays. It was refreshing, and it being so might just be only for me, as I usually delight myself with violent tragedies, yet I can say that even if this isn't the situation-- Anholly's element would still stay the same; and how it was delivered and how it would be perceived would be constantly aligned with each other. As I've said, pure. 

  How things went just seem perfect and perfectly sad, because everything was in whole with Anholly, our protagonist, and with how she dealt with everything. I can wholeheartedly say that the entirety of the narrative fits, and if I'd be asked if there should be any changes made, I'd only say that I wish of this more-- more details in a few angles, lengthier dialogues, more background stories, more of the characters-- just so that, as it deserves, I could appreciate it again, but much more.

  Even if it feels short, it was so easy to be invested with the story. I just love it. 

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Thanks so much, it sounds like you really enjoyed the game! The game is short because it was created and finished in just one month for a game jam, and is meant to be a short and sweet adventure.

I do plan on expanding on Anholly's story a little more in MO Melanie. There will also be some references in MO Iris. The Magical Otoge world is all connected, and I hope you'll stick around for this long ride!

I'm looking forward to it!


You almost made me cry, this is pure and tragic and romantic... I like the ending but I wanted more of Anholly & Seihuo romance, I like the dog too (I thought he would transform into a man haha) he will be appearing in other games? 

I don't like to think of Riov being sad, wish there are routes for the other 2, but this is canon right?


Thank you! Yes, the dog will be appearing in Melanie and another game as a surprise!

And yes, this game is just a setup for Melanie!


LOL I might just go and replay Ciel for Yvin to cheer me up xD


Thats what i was thinking, we all need Yvin deep down >.<


I came for a cute romance story and got a romantic tragedy

I thoroughly dislike you for the ending and almost making me cry

But it was also really nicely written

But also like

Riov??? And Veltaire??

Why would you do this

I thought it was kind of odd that there weren't many cgs in the gallery since I played this a while ago as well... But now I know why lol

It's kind of weird to think about Melanie and Shisui (?)

If you choose someone else isn't it low-key like rejecting Seihuo? 

I have just finished it and I feel like I am missing something...

- Where is Magical Otoge Melanie? You mentioned it in the Author's Note, but I only see Magical Otoge Iris, which is not yet completed.

- Also in the Author's Note you mentioned 2 magicians, and said like "the magician of this world was not X, as you have guess, but instead Y, the first magician eva". Wait, who is X and who is Y? What did I not play or read? Was I supposed to know them from somewhere?

Really good job by the way, liked it a lot.

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I decided to go on a detour and make Iris first!

As for the questions in Anholly, hopefully Melanie will answer them, but that'll take a while! Also if you haven't already, playing Ciel will let you know who Ven is.


I've finished it and it was so good that I can't describe it. I would be looking forward to your future work! You do such an amazing stories that captivated me so much. I wish there's plenty of vn just like yours. I think I fall in love with your work ever since I played Magical Otoge Ciel which was played long time ago. Idk when. Time sure flies. Anyway, I've been saving up this game until I had the time to just played it in one go. Keep up and do what you love <3

Also, Seihuo is killing me. I can't stop laughing.

Anyone scrolling down the comment I highly recommend to try out. Before Magical Otoge Ciel, ofc.


Thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it!! <3 I hope you enjoy the Iris demo too if you haven't played that yet!

I'm not the type who like to play demo bc it's makes me wanting the full game and I'll spend all day thinking about it. I'm more of the type who play it in one go. I'll definitely play it when the full release is out c:

Also, your welcome.

Is this not going to be released in Steam? Just asking.


Probably not, since there's a fair amount of work to get the game onto Steam!

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batensan you meanie ! i still cry even after a year went by without playing it just from replaying the ending ! meanie bully !!༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽༼ಢ_ಢ༽(ಥ﹏ಥ)(ಥ﹏ಥ)(TдT)(TдT)(TдT) at making me cry ༼ಢ_ಢ༽ that pic is a very sad yet happy illusion that makes me tear up just from looking at it....*breaks in tears even more* sop-sop(┳Д┳)(┳Д┳)(┳Д┳)

Ahh I'm really happy to hear you're still playing after so long!!! ^p^


I was NOT prepared to cry at midnight over this game I'M SO AHHHHHHHHH???????

I played Magical Otoge Ciel years ago and chanced upon this, and like did playing this make me an emotional wreck? Of course. But did I love ever second of it? OF COURSE!


Thank you!! I'm always happy to hear that my work made players cry ^p^!!


WHy must you make such amazing games? I thoroughly enjoyed this one, even with less choices and all that. The music and artwork are on point again. I enjoyed the ending, it's not the classic ending, but I still found it to be a happy one. Love the story and the characters and can't wait to see more of your work!

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It was really nice playing this game; it's very pretty and pure and moving...and apparently, it's almost impossible to forgot them, even over years. 

(If I were asked about making suggestion on details to improve, perhaps, I would say...your characters grow on the player so quickly! I think they are really worth playing and they can be solid when you write them just a bit more seriously, like, as to having them say things  they would be likely to say given their respective stories just a bit more often than saying 4th wall jokes—those are nice to cover the Deus and Devil ex Machinas, but they could be kept short, letting the plot return to being immersive sooner, maybe? (I know I know no one asked me for a critique, so please feel free to ignore this.) )

Thanks for sharing these cups of freshness freely!  (Did that make sense? my head it did, but...)

PS: On another topic, I've been trying to unlock the first picture from the Gallery, unfortunately, I think I've tried every choice and skipped until the end each time, but to no avail. Is this a Veltaire picture? Would someone give me cue, please?


A response to your P.S.:  If we're talking about the same "first picture from the Gallery," I believe it could be found in the Author's Note.  c":

If you still can't find it, then asdfghjkl-- sorry for giving you false hope and wasting some of your time--

That ending... T^T


I love this game so much!! its amazing!


Your games are just so funny, I love them!

Hey, do you think i could use one of the city scenes in this for a 3D modeling project in school? I really enjoyed the background of some of the scenes, and wanted to do one for my project! ^^

Oh my gosh I'm so sorry for being a year late in responding to this... @_@ this site doesn't accurately notify me when there's a new comment, so I always miss them...

Your project is definitely over by now but if you ever feel like using my work as a reference for school projects again, it's totally fine with me! Just make sure to show me, because I'd love to see your work ^o^!!

Sorry if this is a weird question, but I happen to use Renpy occasionally and I was wondering if your Renpy script (Is it a Renpy script?) was available to look at, just as a coding reference, for transitions, different effects, and such? Sorry if it seems weird... my bad! ><

Oh, I don't, actually! Mostly because I think my programming is super messy and ghetto ahaha (I know little to nothing about programming and just improvised most of it), but if there's a specific part of the game that you want to know how I did, I'd be happy to show you!

Deleted 2 years ago

Aww thank you so much! It really has been years, hasn't it... 😱💦💦

Augh, I knew this was going to be sad going in, but the ending still got me! The music was lovely and your art was stunning as always. 

I only wish we got to spend more time with Anholly and Seihuo because <3 <3 <3 This has made me super hyped for Melanie to finally release though! 

oh my god...

I don't have a way to pay but I really want to play...

I mean, I know that I can play for free but I would feel bad...

I'll just casually ignore MY HEARTBREAK AND TEARS. 

This was in fact a very well orchestrated game, and I really enjoyed it for what it was. I do have many questions that will probably be answered later relating to whether or not more of the protagonists happen to be reincarnations, and, ofcourse, about our new friend Clavie here...

Guess I'll be on standby til' then,

I just finished magical otoge anholly and i saw the melanie serie is coming. And now i see that it s iris too. OMG . I love your work and I hope you ll made more games ^^. I cried so much at anholly T^T. So to short my message. I m waiting for melanie and shisui. *^*

So.. I'm floating in an ocean of tears.. 

This story was so bittersweet, it's one of the few times I really felt connected to the main character. Bravo for making me cry every single time and somehow making me laugh at the same time..

 I love your work and you're awesome for making these games and for making it free too!! <3 (can't wait for the full version of Magical Otoge Iris)


Do you have any plans for this game to have voices for the characters? And if so, would I be able to audition?

When I tried to execute the game it show a txt file saying:

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.

While running game code: ...

Hi, could you send me an email at with a screenshot of what you're clicking on when you get that message?

now runs normally I don't know why yesterday didn't let me,  sorry for the inconvenience and I love your masterpiece ^^

That's good to hear! It's no masterpiece, but I hope you enjoy it!  :^)

This part really invites me deeper to Magical Otoge world and you know that I cried in every route at MO Ciel? Here I switch between crying ocean to laughing out loud to sobbing and repeating again just from the middle of the story to the end :'D


I was drowning in the sea of emotions. This was totally different from Ciel, where you get to choose between three boys. This is more to story-telling. I love it of course, because it was so funny. I love good humour.

What I know is that I seriously ship Anholly and Seihuo. I love Anholly for bein strong. But holding things in can be a burden as well. 

I'm sorry I can't say much, I should've write this right after I play but I was in the middle of things and stuffs so, yeah.

But seriously, I love you for making my day. I really had a good laugh with the puns, with how Riov, Seihuo, Anholly and Veltaire act around each other. 

Thank you very much and I'll be anticipating Iris <3

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