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✦ Story ✦

Iris works as a Purifier, a person who helps spirits move onto the afterlife. This is a story that hopefully has comedy, romance, and heart. At the very least, it will have a lot of puns and glasses jokes.

✦ Characters ✦

Iris: The heroine. A gentle, awkward, and surprisingly brave girl who tries her best.

Rieffe: Iris' kind but detached childhood friend who always worries about her.

Lanneis: A strict and sarcastic person who glares and pushes up his glasses way too often.

Reqieu: Used to be Iris' teacher. Serious, but gentle and low-key sarcastic.

Septem: A serious, kind, and dutiful boy who likes flowers. He's kind of shy once you talk to him. Always polite.

✦ Warnings: light/moderate blood, themes of death

This game is a straightforward visual novel, so there's no walkthrough necessary. It will be very obvious when a choice will affect the ending. After clearing the game once, a guide will appear in the Extras that explains how to get the Good/Bad Ends.

✦ For an extra $5, you can get the Development Art Book PDF (~65 pages/spreads)! It has a coupon code for a possible hard copy, so you won't lose anything by getting the PDF now and the hard copy later.

✦ At the moment, Itch.io doesn't have a system for paying extra if you've already bought a game, so you can buy the art book here if you missed out!

✦ Progression to first stretch goal: 8%

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✦ Email: batensan@gmail.com

Discord server: https://discord.gg/9A9jv4tt9f


Buy Now$20.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $20 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Iris-1.0-pc.zip 378 MB
Iris-1.0-mac.zip 344 MB
Magical Otoge Iris Development Book PDF.pdf 93 MB
if you pay $25 USD or more

Download demo

IrisDemoVersion-2.5.zip 178 MB

Development log


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WOOOO i love this game! I'm happy I used my allowance on this, the art is soo pretty ^^

Thanks so much, I'm glad you like it!! (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃

Is there a recommended route order :0 or just pick whoever we like lol

There isn't a strict order, but generally I would say Rieffe or Lanneis > Reqieu > Septem!

Okay thank you!! :D


I really love your work and am happy you've finally made a pay for game. You really deserve to be compensated for all your gorgeous hard work! I'm gonna go hide away and replay all your games now. :P


ASDFLH THANK YOU... CRIES... I hope you enjoy Iris!! dont look at my old stuff im begging you

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Hello, I just got the game recently but it seems that when I try to open the game it seems to crash on startup, do you think you could find a solution for me if it's not too much trouble? I've tried the demo before and it was running without any trouble, I've tried another game where all different builds were connected and my game would crash sometimes but I could run it but I can't run Iris at all.

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Oh no!! Could you send me an email (batensan@gmail.com) with a screenshot of the game folder/what you're clicking on when trying to run the game? I'll help you out there!

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Yess!! I'm so glad you're making a game for PAY finally!! You soooooo desserve this!! I will make this game my birthday present to myself!!!!!!!


Finally downloaded this for myself I AM SO EXCITED TO PLAY, SORRY IT TOOK SO LONG, AAAHHHHHHH!!!!!


SDLGHSDLG I haven't heard someone say that before but I'm really thankful LFDHSLG (ಥ﹏ಥ) I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN WITH IT...!!!


Finally, today is the day my dear batensan. <33


I'm treating myself to this game for my birthday :'D

I had to wait so long even tho i was ready for launch date, quarantine has not been kind to me so i HAD to wait but today its finally the day i get to play this masterpiece!!

I will come back to RANT about how much i love ur games after i finish playing!!

Again, congrats on releasing magical otoge iris!!

(PD: i went to pizzaro project like u suggested and OMG I fell in love, sequel when?! sly it was too funny to not be true ;-;)

DSLGHSL HAVE FUN!!!! Please take care of yourself too!! T__T ❤️

I really hope you enjoy Iris and that it's worth the wait!!!

i just started the prologue!!!! I'm loving it so far!!! :)

F in the chat for poor Henri and his tsundere nature XD

Waaaah~! Augustia! I hear voices too! X,D How do I let you know though?

I bet peeps finished playing this and me its been 1 year i haven't continue playing this ;v; But gladly im able to continue it rn :D


i'm sadly BROKE as of now but once i get the money, mark!  my!  words!  i'll be buying and playing this right away!  i've been following the series since however long forever ago was and have played the previous games, and i gotta say, you've done such a fantastic job creating them!  they're lighthearted, sweet, and hints of angst (juuuust a little in backstories and such) into each of the last games, and i really happy that you finished magical otoge iris this year!  i wish you luck on future games!!!

(╥_╥) Thank you--! I'm glad my silly clown literature has stayed with you for so long!! I hope you get a chance to play Iris soon!!


After playing for less than a minute, I started tearing up haha. I forgot how much I love this game series, I'm super attached.


(ಥ﹏ಥ) !!!!! Drink water while you play!! Have fun!!


best game



Some how I managed to miss that this had released! I'm trying to resist until I get paid this month to buy it but aaagh T^T

Take your time~!! Hope you enjoy it!! :D


In my eagerness to buy the game, I missed that if I paid an extra $5 I could get the artbook as well! Whoops! Is there a way to buy the artbook individually? (Or perhaps if I pay an extra $5 I can have it emailed to me or something?) Sorry for such a silly question ;;;

If it's not possible, I'll just buy it again later haha! :D I can't wait to play Iris!! Thank you so much Batensan for everything!! <333


Hello~~! Thanks so much for the support! I asked itch io on the forums and they really don't have a system for paying extra (side-eyes) so I went ahead and uploaded the book as its own item here!

Have fun with the game!! Can't wait to read your thoughts in the survey!! :D


Ah that's perfect!! Thank you so so much!! <3 I'll go get it now! C:

Thank you for that and have a wonderful day! :D I'll definitely give you my thoughts later! <3


Hurray! Just bought da game. One request though: would you please update the discord link? Thanks!

Thank you~ And sorry about that--I thought I checked it!

I posted a new invite link. Hopefully this one works?


This one works! Thanks a lot!


Aww will this ever be released in Steam? I've been waiting for years but I don't have credit card to buy in itch io ;;w;; Congrats on release though batensan~ Been following since Ciel:D


Thank you~!! Yeah I'm planning for a Steam release eventually but it might take a while! But itch.io is a better way to directly receive support unlike Steam so I prefer it first...!

Ooooh that's good then, I shall wait more patiently~

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I'm about ready to spend my RENT MONEY ON THIS OMG! Congrats on the release! I cannot WAIT TO PLAY!

Hope you plan on treating yourself all week! Eat some good food, buy yourself something nice -- YOU DID IT!! Congrats on finishing, so happy for you and so proud of you!



Take care of yourself first!!! I'll always be here (*/ω\)


I bought it tonight, and am replaying the prologue. I'm not even that far in, and am already cracking up at the glasses puns even though I've already read it before. You're such a talented and funny writer. Thank you for making my day. Lanneis is best boi.


Thank you~~! It really picks up after the prologue, I think!! Have fun! :D





Yay it's finally here!!! gonna wait for the steam release ^^ 

Hey, I just bought the game for my Mac but it looks like I'm not able to download any files other than the Demo? (Also I'm using the Canadian store, and have enabled "alternate download mode" but this hasn't done anything.) Help?? I've really been looking forward to playing.

Send me an email (batensan@gmail.com) using the email that you bought the game with and I'll help you out there!!


how long is the game?


It says in the first sample picture-- ~276k words which checks out to approx. 10 hours!

oh.. how had I not noticed that?

well, thank you for your response regardless!




DSLGHS THANK YOU!! I can't believe it either 👻👻👻


yesss! so excited to play

Hope you have fun!!! :'D


Happy Birthday Batensan!! This release has been the highlight of my day and it has filled my empty brain with incredible inducing serotonin >w>

Thank you!!! T___T I hope you enjoy the game till the end!!!


heyy do you have any plan on releasing this on steam?

(1 edit) (+1)

I do plan to! But Steam is a bit more troublesome so it'll take a few weeks/months forward


Ahhhh I miss some of the count downs its here!!!!

Have fun!!!


oh my god!! I can't believe my timing lol, I've been checking up on your page intermittently for two+ years now because they lifted my spirits so much when I was younger and feeling down, but I hadn't for a while- and now I find it's releasing tomorrow? :)))) I remember playing your demo when it first came out, and getting those warm and fuzzy feelings that are basically imbibed within your games, and while I doubt I can buy it on release, I will as soon as possible <3333

Aaahh thanks so much--!! T__T I'm glad you remembered!!!

This game will always be here, so take your time!! Also, you can follow me on itch.io for emails whenever I update something, I think! :D

I've been keeping up with your countdown on Twitter, and after a year I can say that I've only grown more excited about this!! It's going to be the first VN I've played in a couple of years and honestly, I couldn't be happier. The Magical Otoge series has held a special place in my heart for years; even before the Iris demo came out! So thank you- and I hope you can take a nice relaxing break after this :] 

。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。...!!! Thank you so much for keeping this silly game in your thoughts!!! I hope you enjoy it...!!! And thanks, I will rest!!! :'D <3

Is it ready? Please message me when it's out!


It will release on March 19, in 3 days!

This game is the sequel of magic otoge Anholly?Anyway,looking foward to play these ones,i really love your game <3


It is! It's not a direct sequel, but they happen in the same universe/have references!

Hello! Is it alright if I do a no commentary playthrough of all the routes on my new yt channel that showcases indie games and visual novels? I love the game so far :)

Sure! Though I prefer commentary playthroughs!


I can't believe it's only one week away from it's release! I binged all of your games perhaps... two years ago? And I've been excited for your first paid game installment! I'm thrilled to support you and get access to all the puns and tears galore :D

(ಥ﹏ಥ) Thanks for waiting for me all these years...! I hope it lives up to your expectations!!! <3


OMG I'm so happy to see you're continuing with the game. I can't wait to buy it.
I loved this game and all of your others!

T____T!!!! Thanks so much for remembering my stuff after so long!! Just a little under a month left!!


I'm going to try and replay the new version before then.
Your art and stories are so beautiful and unique <3



(((o(*°▽°*)o))) YAAAA I CAN'T WAIT!!! Thanks for waiting for me!!! T__T💖

I hope it'll live up to your expectations!!!!!


Omg finally!! it's coming!! I AM SO GLAAAAD TO SEE THE FINISH LINEEE!!

Batensan, i really need u after this shitty year :((

Only your weird sense of humor can lift my spirits!! (like ik this is gonna be dramatic, but there is also a lot of silliness on it, and i plan to enjoy every bit of it)

After magical otoge ciel (Let's roll like a log AKDJSKDSAKd I honestly don't know why that joke killed me, but I still laugh at it every time I remember it) I became fond of your games. They're such a big part of me, and my happy place, so thank you for making these games, thank you for being an amazing creator, and THANK YOU for that magnificent sense of humor, you make me happy, you make other people happy, and that is a blessing, you are my blessing <3

Honestly, thank youuuu!!

I can't wait to play this game, and every other project you make in the future :D

Dearly, a shut-in who occasionally stalks you on social media(??)

!!! Thank you for waiting for me for so long...!!! T___T I hope I'll live up to your expectations with this game!!!╭( ・ㅂ・)و At the very least, I promise that I'll make you smile!!!!!

Please play the clown dating sim I made (if you haven't already) in the meantime to ease your pain 🤡🤡🤡


I'm excited! Can't wait for March 19, I'll make sure to wish you a happy B-day! :D

After trying to create a visual novel myself, I saw that it's pretty hard to do, especially with the coding, and then...I get lazy. That makes me appreciate visual novel creators more!

I'll make sure to thoroughly enjoy this otoge when it's released~~

*Hands cookies with milk*


Thank you so much~~! I'll work hard!!

Yeah, it's a lot of work! But if you take it piece by piece, it'll be less overwhelming to tackle! For example, making really little goals of learning how to add sprites in, how to change the font, and all that. Good luck!

Will the game also be released on Steam?

I'm hoping to, but it might take a few more weeks/months after the itch.io release!


T 0 T It's been so long but we're finally at the end. I can't wait to see this finished. 

(bless your gacha)

(╥_╥) Thank you...! I hope you enjoy the full game! May your gachas be blessed as well...!!!

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